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Friday, March 4, 2011

Maybe he's asking for a pardon

The City of Portland says it is "negotiating" with the FBI about the city's participation in the joint terrorism task force. To the feds, it probably seems not unlike plea bargaining, only this time the suspect wants a security clearance.

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Everyone needs to watch the movie "Choose Connor" to understand big city politics.

"Big city"? More like "Fernwood Tonight."

The juxtaposition of recent Adams staff changes and the cloaked JTTF discussion is interesting.

If Potter couldn't get a clearance there's no way Sam will get one.

One thought comes to mind,

Investigations for security clearances cost a fair amount of money and time. What rating of clearance is required? Will the city have to pay a fee to the FBI and how much will it cost?

The reason I ask is that, in the unlikely event, a security clearance is granted - is Sam doing this for himself for future employment?

"Maybe he's asking for a pardon"

You mean immunity?

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