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Monday, March 21, 2011

Latest game at Fukushima: Watch the smoke color

Today gray smoke has been coming from Fukushima Daiichi reactor no. 3, whose roof and upper walls had been completely blown apart last week. That probably means something's burning -- who knows what?

Over at reactor no. 2, where the building's not too badly damaged but there's still a meltdown accident in progress, the smoke is white. It's probably just radioactive steam from the damaged reactor vessel -- what a relief!

Keep watching the smoke, folks. Maybe they'll be announcing a new Pope soon.

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While Japan is struggling to prevent a full-scale meltdown at their Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and John McCain (R-AZ) are insisting that nuclear power is safe in the U.S.

Why are these two still in Congress making decisions for us?

Lieberman is Chair of Homeland Security Committee, how comforting! Remember the Democratic Party “people” did not want him and he was ousted in the primary, but in that state he could still run as an independent. The Republicans contributed much money and made sure he would stay in for GOP control in Bush’s last two years.

The last 24 hours have witnessed a political earthquake. Ned Lamont's victory over Sen. Joe Lieberman has sent the national Republican Party into a tizzy of anger, the corporate wing of the Democratic Party into a deep depression, and the vast majority of ordinary citizens a message that their votes actually matter in our country's democracy. "What you're witnessing is the democratization of democracy and don't expect it to be pretty," said Carol Darr, director of George Washington University's Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet. "The candidates and the parties are about to see that they are no longer in control of politics," Darr said.
But remember folks - though we were victorious, we have a huge battle ahead, both in Connecticut and around the country. In Connecticut, Lieberman 's exploitation of election loopholes that allow him to ignore the will of primary voters is fast becoming a magnet for national Republican Party activism. Here's what I mean:

(Read more on link for examples)

Remember so well how that 2006 election went. In my opinion, was the most critical election in our country to oust this “sold out established Senator” It clearly was a show of democracy, although for a fleeting moment. Couldn’t have that, could we? Lamont was against the war and Bush/Cheney policies.

McCain showed us great judgment picking Palin as his running mate? ?

So these two are trotted out to assure us all is well in the world of nuclear power. Are any of their many homes near a problematic nuclear power plant?

The Pope joke is the best thing you've had to say about Fukushima.

Yeah, the whole bit about recklessly poisoning people -- we shouldn't talk about that.

Good golly maybe you missed LIARS Larson today shocked! shocked! that interview 'guest' Lloyd Marbet is still opposed to nuke plants after all these (40) years of being right.

The money quote: LIARS: "But Lloyd, IF the quake was not as big as it was and IF it didn't cause a tsunami and IF the tsunami was not so high it came over the sea wall and knocked out the electric power for the (coolant) pumps, THEN you gotta admit, nuclear power is safe and doesn't pollute and it's been safe for forty years."

Y'know, you can't make this stuff up.

Marbet was aghast to hear someone in such a total fantasy denial trying to sound serious ... for about 3 seconds. Then he said, "but LIARS, none of that is reality."

That's the problem when ratings are tanking, sponsors are running away, the lead-in Glenn Beck program is certified nut-talk, and in desperation to make jabber-jab since callers stopped calling in (or only the same 5 call over and over 'to get to be on the radio'), and then LIARS has to fill blank time by getting NON-righty-whackos on the air:
Reality intrudes.

Lloyd named the delusional sickness out loud, and so then LIARS was gobsmacked and stammered to start some commercials.

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