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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Latest from Japan: radioactive milk, spinach

According to one report, the contamination on the spinach was found 65 miles away from the damaged nuclear power plant. But "don't worry -- it's less than a CAT scan."

Meanwhile, a new 6.1 earthquake with an epicenter close to the plant can't be helping the desperate efforts to prevent further atomic catastrophe.

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But "don't worry --

Yes, worried about radioactive fall out and on our food. The Central CA Valley provides a lot of our food.

What about the pesticides that many actually ingest into their bodies, the GMO's pushed on the American people without any say in the matter, the benzene in our air way over "acceptable" levels that we breathe right here in pdx and the many chemicals that EPA doesn't even have regulations for?


Could not get a copy but this is a must read. It tells how the industry here does not want us to adopt a system like the European Union program for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances. (REACH)
It also writes that currently, EPA examines risks posed by chemicals but does not deem them safe or unsafe. (from the above link March 9, 2009 document)

So if you eat the spinach, you could turn into Popeye?

Won't somebody think of the sushi?

For what it's worth, this chart is a pretty good reference to show you how much radiation we're talking about.

I don't link this in order to lessen or enhance anyone's views on the subject - I link it for perspective and fact.

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