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Friday, March 4, 2011

I'll major in what she's having

Here's some classroom "pedagogy" at Northwestern University that might better be left to independent study projects.

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Think of the tuition at Northwestern, they should apply to Guiness as the most expensive live sex show.

Students at major universities are getting screwed on the costs relative to the benefits. This is just another way of showing them how that is done.

He [Bailey, the instructor] said that he decided to say yes after realizing his "inability to come up with a legitimate reason why students should not be able to watch such a demonstration."

Bailey for Mayor in 2012. Portland government specializes in moral and ethical ambivalence.

You just don't get it Lucs - it allows for faux outrage and the panicky waving of hands, while secretly being titillated to distraction.

I never ever want to see anything like this. No, never. OMG! not sex. Was this at BYU?

Private university's get a chitload of taxpayers dollars. Some recruit students with fancy student centers.. others go for more basic instincts. And since Sexual Quirks are as common as going to the mens room in Portland..*Yawn*

For those unable to attend Northwestern, perhaps a visit to a church in Bothell WA tomorrow evening will prove illuminating:

"It will be the raunchy versus the righteous at Eastlake Community Church when prolific pornographer Ron Jeremy debates the founder of XXX Church, Pastor Craig Gross, a church that aims to rid Americans of the addiction to porn."

The apology:
'"During a time of financial crisis, war, and global warming, this story has been a top news story for more than two days,' Bailey said. 'That this is so reveals a stark difference of opinion between people like me, who see absolutely no harm in what happened, and those who believe that it was profoundly wrong.'"

"Bailey said critics have not made a compelling case. He said he would give them an 'F' if he were grading their arguments."

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