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Thursday, March 24, 2011

ICE jail in SoWhat would hold some real sweethearts

An alert reader on the East Coast sends along a link to this story, to remind us of what sort of characters will be shipped in and out of Portland's SoWhat District every workday if the proposed immigration "processing facility" is allowed to be installed there.

Comments (2)

It's not a jail, it's an International Cultural Center. Please quit calling it a jail.

The city really needs something down in SoWhite to increase the cultural diversity of the district. Stop knocking it.

The only thing worse is Lake NoNegro...and of course the Portland Streetcar which will connect these two very pale-skinned communities. Unlike the back of a bus that runs on Rosa Parks Boulevard...the Streetcar has two fronts and no rears (as it is a bi-directional vehicle) so you can't shove the undesirables into the back three rows of the bus.

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