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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hit the road, Jamie

When we did this, it appears we weren't alone.

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I'm making the last payments on a WaMu credit card that I received just before the crunch. Because I have that card, I get at least one call per month from bored Chase reps trying to get me to switch to Chase. "Oh, but we'll give you $150 if you switch right now." Previously, they'd been courteous, so I was courteous back, and explained "I'll switch once the Dallas Cowboys win a shutout World Series." With the last one, who proceeded to give me the arrogant "Don't you owe it to yourself to try Chase for a little while?", I took his name and told him "If I EVER get another call about switching to Chase, I'm canceling my card immediately and giving your name as the reason why."

Fear not Sebastian as I understand JPM/Chase is set to do well with dividends pending. But wait, do they not administer our Oregon Trail Card program?

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