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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fukushima: the latest aerial tour

Still lots of nasty stuff coming out of the Japanese reactors, with no sign of the nuclear geniuses ever being able to stop it:

Meanwhile, from the Washington Post, an explanation of how the highly radioactive water is pouring out of the reactors -- it's likely due to broken seals around the control rods. In other words, the reactors are no longer sealed, and any water that goes in and doesn't boil off as highly radioactive steam is going to drain out into uncontained areas as highly radioactive liquid.

There's little doubt that this one is going to outdo Chernobyl in terms of radioactivity released.

From another angle, here is a map of where the airborne particulates will be falling. After a few months of that, we'll see how "not worried" the powers that be are. That is, if the radiation monitors around here are even working.

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Several of your readers have recommended a site called Brave New Climate as one of the best sources of information on this crisis.
I've been checking it out and it's from the pro-nuclear-industry point of view - to put it mildly. They linked to one article written by a regular BNC contributor and he came up with this wondrous paragraph:

"After the unrelenting horror of the biggest earthquake and tsunamis ever to hit Japan, you’d think the world’s journalists would jump on the biggest good news story to emerge from the carnage. This good news story is the performance of Japan’s nuclear reactors."

I hope the people who recommended this site won't mind if I don't bookmark it. I think I've heard enough.

The nuclear industry is pure evil. Worse than the banks!

Not to worry. After reading the story you linked from your changing banks, I looked at the sidebars of that link and found this:


I may apply for an extension on my income tax return.

Here's another pov, from MIT: Personal Energy


Ok, same guy in a longer, more detailed analysis. It takes 1hr 18 min so set some time aside.


It’s time for self help. Buy your own radiation detection meter and potassium iodide tablets on Amazon.


For those who are offended by EPA's bureaucratic ineptitude, fragmented tactics and lackadaisical attitude about tracking radiation, you ain't seen nothing yet -- wait until HHS takes over responsibility for your healthcare in 2014.

Jack: What I've loved about your blog is that you work with facts and logic, something lawyers can do so well. But on nuclear power and the reactor disaster in Fukushima you've switched and appear to be operating on the fear in your gut. I'm looking for a fresh source of reason on nuclear power and the Fukushima disaster.

Hopefully, you'll soon come back to Oregon and the work you do well.

I bet more cancer patients start showing up a few years from now.

Might be a good time to buy CANCER STOCKS, always good buying opportunities when disaster hits!

It's the American way!

wait until HHS takes over responsibility for your healthcare in 2014

Maybe. But SSA has been "handling" a large and growing segment of the population (Medicare recipients) since 1965 and does pretty well, especially compared to the private sector.

Jack speaks for himself, but here's my reaction to your comment: I'm not worried about fear in my gut as much as ingesting plutonium. It doesn't take much if ingested, to threaten the human body. Of course, that would mean it got outside the containment vessel. I heard various opinions expressed on whether or not that would happen. This is crucial. When you hear about plutonium levels that are not high enough to harm people I think they're assuming it doesn't get in a salmon, say, and then into you. Or it doesn't get into your lungs. Once that happens, you are in serious danger.

As far as facts, who can tell what news stories are accurate? I thought the second explosion looked bad. Dark smoke, big cloud. I definitely had fear in my gut that plutonium would get outside. Others were adamant that the real nasty stuff would be contained. A couple of weeks later, here's a news story from Kyodo News that bills itself as "Japan's Leading News Network":

"Plutonium has been detected in soil at five locations at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Monday.

The operator of the nuclear complex said that the plutonium is believed to have been discharged from nuclear fuel at the plant, which was damaged by the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

While noting that the concentration level does not pose a risk to human health, the utility firm said it will strengthen monitoring on the environment in and around the nuclear plant."

It's always a balancing act between unnecessary fear and being too nonchalant. Perhaps if the governments and corporations didn't have such an extensive track record of lying, it would be easier to understand your position. If anything I think I didn't appreciate the magnitude of this crisis 'til recently. I really thought it would be under control a few weeks out. I know I hoped it would. Now they're talking months and we've got plutonium in the soil. That's scary.
I admit I have fear in my gut about another explosion. It either gets better or it gets worse, and so far, it's gotten worse. The logical conclusion is that it could - given enough time - get a lot worse.

Don, see the post above. I'll repeat it here:

Nuclear is covered well, except it's strictly from the feasibility of fulfilling the energy needs 20, 30 years hence. Going through his numbers, whether it's safe or not, it's not an attractive option at all.

The second link takes over an hour to finish, but the first 30 to 40 minutes covers it even better.

(Gomer's) Shazaamm!, suddenly here appear rare (unprecedented?) comments saying 'stick to your inconsequential PDX play and keep your head down, bojack blog, there's nothing to see in Japan, move on, folks, move on, get back to work.'
Walks like cognitive infiltration,
talks like cognitive infiltration,
smells like cognitive infiltration ...
defined as: 'makes you think twice and hesitate uncertain in a crisis.'

We already read all about that, of course, "the current focus of White House political propaganda operatives, including White House Office of Information Regulatory Affairs chief Cass Sunstein, the mastermind of the program of "cognitive infiltration" of Internet sites by federal government agents and operatives."

That quote recently from the latest of a series of reports following the subject on the website Wayne Madsen Report .com

February 1, 2011 -- Internet cognitive infiltration -- it exists and Soros funds it

WMR has learned from reliable sources that there has been an increase in the disruption of blogs and comments sections on web sites in the United States, especially those that take on an anti-Obama and anti-globalist stance from the left side of the political spectrum.

Professional agents provocateurs and amateurs from the "netizen" community have busy posting comments on various web sites to distract and steer post threads away from subjects that are critical of the Obama administration. In addition, WMR has learned that international financier George Soros has stepped up his program to act as a "gate keeper" of the left by contributing more money and staff paid through his various non-profit contrivances to increase his political influence on the left side of the blogosphere.

... the elites, who recently adjourned from their annual conclave in Davos, Switzerland, where they huddled together over the loss of "stability" [the term equates to the elites' control of the world] from Cairo to Athens and London to Reykjavik, information manipulators like George Soros and Bill Gates realize that only Sunstein's "cognitive infiltration" will ensure that Zbigniew Brzezinski's heralded "global awakening" will remain in a deep coma.

But if the radiation don't get us then the devaluation will.

"The nuclear industry is pure evil. Worse than the banks!"

Nuclear industry and bankster gangster interests are so 'tightly coupled' that they amount to the same thing, or so it seems to the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB) scholarly reporters.

[n.b. Footnote numbers refer in the source webpage.]

Global Systemic Crisis: Get Ready for the Meltdown of the US Treasury Bond Market, cite: GEAB N°53 - 2011-03-17, GlobalResearch.ca, March 28, 2011

Beyond its tragic human consequences (1), the terrible disaster that has just hit Japan weakens the shaky US Treasury Bond market a little more. ... we anticipate that the sudden shock experienced by the Japanese economy will lead not only to the halt in US T-Bond purchases by Japan, but it will force the authorities in Tokyo to make substantial sales of a significant portion of their US Treasury Bond reserves to finance the enormous cost of stabilization, reconstruction and revival of the Japanese economy (3).

With Japan and the Gulf States alone accounting for 25% of the total 4.4 trillion USD of US federal debt (December 2010), LEAP/E2020 believes that this new situation which is asserting itself during the first quarter of 2011, against a background of China’s increasing reluctance (holding 20% of US Treasury Bonds) to continue to invest in US government debt (4), carries the seeds for the collapse of the US Treasury Bond market in the second half of 2011, a market that now has only a single buyer: the US Federal Reserve (5).

Major holders of US Federal Debt (10/2010) - Sources: US Treasury / Dave's Manuel

... characteristic of a major crisis, we are entering a period that will see a mutual strengthening of their effects, leading to this sudden shock in the second quarter of 2011. Incidentally, we could add a fifth event: the complete decisional paralysis of the US powers. The daily confrontation on virtually all subjects, between Republicans (hardened by the "Tea Parties") and Democrats (demoralized by an Obama administration that has betrayed the substance of its campaign promises (7)), tends to show, a little more each day, that Washington has become a sort of "Ship of Fools", tossed about by events, without any strategy, without willpower, incapable of action(8); in other words, according to LEAP/E2020, when the US Treasury Bond collapse begins, one cannot expect anything from Washington other than a colossal squawking that will only worsen the crisis.

Tokyo is one of the world’s major financial centers, one of the three management hubs of the foreign exchange markets (along with London and New York) and the Japanese economy supplies a quantity of electronic components vital to the global economy. Finally, as we have analyzed in past issues, it is, with the United Kingdom, one of the two "floats" (11) that has allowed the US to manage global economic, monetary and financial affairs for over fifty years.

... the ultimate disaster scenario that would see the Tokyo region heavily contaminated by radioactivity following an explosion and radioactive fallout at the Fukushima plant (21). Such a situation would, just like Chernobyl, lead to the creation of an exclusion zone affecting this region of more than thirty million inhabitants and which is at the heart of the flow of global basic necessities, and would lead to an historically unprecedented humanitarian disaster and an immediate disruption of economic, global, financial and monetary markets. Quite simply, there is no "plan B" for a "sudden shutdown" of the global intersection that Tokyo and the surrounding region constitutes.

Yeah, by all means, Jack, go for the tax filing extension and maybe you won't have to pay at all, by then. As far as such 'detachment' stategy goes -- holding back and holding out -- each of us may save the cost of filing a Last Will & Testament, too, until we see if there are going to be any legal executors survive for fulfillment and any heritage survive to receive it ... our monied values.

Or, y'know, we could, like, just 'take over' the massmedia properties, (as is the textbook Top Priority when CIA agents invade and take control of a government -- RTFM -- with their newest addition to the manual from the Office of Information Regulatory Affairs: take over blogs, infiltrate thought). Once inside massmedia properties, then we could publish and broadcast to the people the truth of the world situation we're in. Whatever chance we have can only be sustained in consensus reached through truth transparency. That's common sense.

I know what I'm talking about on nuclear. This is worse than Chernobyl. And no amount of exposure to ionizing radiation is "safe." Any amount increases risks to some degree.

I've stood up to nuclear industry goons on this for 25 years. I'm not going to stop now.

BTW, read the comments policy. I'm not interested in your review, at all.

Maybe I'm missing something here.

Agreed: Fukushima global irradiation is worse than Chernobyl, and media is actively and deliberately (under gov't dictate in both Japan and US) suppressing the dimension of the horror and the gov't/nuke-industry persons' responsibility for the horror.

Agreed: You are a longstanding and significantly effective No Nuke activist opposing and exposing the lies and liars, criminality against humankind and criminals of it. (I've resisted in my ways, too, against nuclear proliferation.)

Agreed(?): If it matters in Portland it matters in the world, either directly, indirectly, by extension, or in evidence (cumulative dots-to-connect) -- or a combination of these manners.

Add: If it matters in the world it matters in Portland, and is properly showcased, despite and especially noticing unusual appearance of (suspect mercenary) naysaying contrarians (as are documented in existence today and assigned for wages to naysay, contradict, and divert blog information).

Add: Respecting Japan's premier role in and effects on the global interdependent supportive economic fabric, whatever devastation of Japan's terrain and debilitation of the Japanese people and culture occurs, (whether earthquake, tsunami, drought, disease, nuclear irradiation obliteration), necessarily and in direct dismal proportion devastates and debilitates economic conditions in every country and culture around the world. Even to the extent of global monetary 'bankruptcy' 'default' 'collapse' fostering massive consequences of human depredation, starvation, migration, infirmity, and worse, in result of conquest capitalism's intrinsic flaw(s) and inherent fatal failure. And it is of utmost vital importance to acknowledge and consider such interdependence and consequences.

Add: The most extreme downside of the horrific accident in Japan leading to worldwide nuclear radioactive contamination -- that is: human extinction -- is possible, has not been mentioned, and must be considered in public, and private, concerned discourse of the most fateful moral issue and question throughout all human history and throughout the planet Earth. (Such consideration has been ridiculously sequestered and futilely attempted to be made Top Secret, and only nationalism's interest, since humankind's advent of nuclear energy prowess and wherewithal 70 years ago; to suggest here and now that 7 darkening decades all must be relived, revealed, reviewed, reformed.)

I have collected these ideas from others and they forecast in parallel with my own apperceptive sense.

Perhaps my choice of words was misgiven or mistaken in previous comment. Please correct the omissions or illogic of my comprehension.

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