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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Duck and cover

The dude running the University of Oregon has decided to back off from his crazy plan to have the state borrow $800 million, hand it to him, and give up taxpayer control over the university. Compared to having his backside handed to him by the legislature, pulling back is a smart move.

He says he'll bring the proposal back to Salem next year. Yeah, sure -- if he's still around, if the state's finances don't fall apart any further... And the big "if," of course, is whether the voters are foolish enough to go along with it. Sounds dead in the water to us, as it should be. Where do these CEO types come from?

Comments (5)

Do they come from the "web of power?"


Good news.

By the way, why is he always wearing that hat? I like the Nike golf shirt, too.

If the Ducks want to "own" their own future, they need to transfer assets. Does Oregon "OWN" UofO, or are they some kind of LLC? How much to privatize a Duck LOGO?

Gee, UO has really come a long way (down the dirty duck gutter) after losing the Portland billboard war.

The state can't afford it -- they need the money for Wheeler's new bank scheme.

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