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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coming soon to C-Span

We wrote a while back about the latest twist in the WikiLeaks saga. Most disturbing were some dirty tricks being pulled by some well paid corporate spooks who were cozy with the federal government. Now the politicians are launching a public probe of the whole mess -- guess they're just waking up, or running for cover, or both.

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I read the best wikileak of them all this week...describing exactly how the Saudi royal grifters divvy up the country's oil wealth. It is a breathtaking portrait.


Definitely waiting on B of A dirt, but somehow wonder if it could be as entertaining..

I ran into a group of protesters affiliated with Anonymous protesting against Scientology in San Francisco a few years ago. They were all wearing Guy Fawkes masks ala V for Vendetta. I took a photo of one of them and he ever so slightly nodded his head at me.
I'd say how this made me feel but I don't want them hacking into my email accounts.

Using the term "dirty tricks" in the same paragraph as WikiLeaks has entertainment value.

The feds are also upping the ante on the "whistleblower" Bradley Manning. Seems they still cannot link him and Wikileaks, but are throwing 22 new counts at him. Some with the penalty of death.


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