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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chuckle of the Week

You'll be pleased to know that Mayor Creepy is helping the Multnomah County Library stay focused on youths.

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Off topic:

Phallus alert!!! Just can't decide which letterhead looks best, I guess.

"It is a testament to the power of adult mentors in young people’s lives and how education and incarceration are all too often opposite sides of the same coin."

Sam Adams should never, ever talk about mentoring youth. He has absolutely zero credibility on the matter.

Phallus alert!!!

A reader just sent me that e-mail today. I think it came from a few weeks back -- when the Portland schl*ng was still front and center. But the author event is next week.

Why is Sam involved with the county library media relations?? I'd say Sam, get back to work, but maybe we're all better off if he dinks around with library stuff rather than actually governing. Portland is his playpen and all things public are his toys. Are we all having fun yet?

Sam is in full 2012 campaign mode.

Polling has most likely showed that he needs to generate a lot of good Googlable articles and positive press so people will give him money.

Funny thing, Internet news story comments are also Googlable, so I suspect we will see more controlled media as he uses our Mayor's office, staff and city resources as a his re-election HQ.

I agree with DG- let's ask Beau Breedlove, a friend of mine and a young adult now trying to regain his dignity and his life, how his mentoring went with Sam.

You missed the books' description:

"It is a testament to the power of adult mentors in young people’s lives"

I can't make this kind of material up.

By the way, Mary. What happened to Beau's memoirs? I'm wondering if there are still plans to publish, and hoping that if there are, the release is well timed.

The whole idea of Sam anywhere near any "youth" just makes my skin crawl!

Not cool for Sam to pretend to offer "sage" advice on guiding youth, especially vulnerable boys. This is a slap in the face to those of us who really ARE trying to raise happy, healthy boys. What a jerk.

"power of adult mentors in young people's lives"
What a thoughtless bastard as he pursued a 17 year old in a relationship that had serious negative consequences in a person just getting started in life

"I look forward to discussing these important issues. Let the conversation begin."

Creepy's own words need to be given heed as we prepare to turn this ruinous pathetic creature out of office.

Unfortunately, I think Jasun Wurster has the correct take on this: Sam is in full 2012 campaign mode.
Others have reported that he is being seen a lot more on TV lately!

Sam "on tv a lot more" Another reason to leave my tv OFF!


I have no doubt that Creepy is preparing to run; that is why we all need to give thought to what time; energy and money we are prepared to give his opposition. I am anxious and hopeful about who will emerge as a thoughtful and much better choice than this numbskull.

On the other hand, just because he is in full campaign mode, does not mean that others behind scenes agree.

The Tribune gave some negative press to Adams regarding the West Hayden Island process and Adams staff trying to keep press at bay. The recent Willamette Week cover showed quite a nasty pic of the Mayor. This makes me think they have someone else in mind to run. Perhaps Adams has become too much of a liability for some insiders. My concern is that a retread or certainly someone who will continue the agenda will be brought forward as the viable candidate. If we think, well this one will at least be better, that simply is not good enough. We need an outstanding person, to take the reins of our city, one for the public interest who would bring integrity into the process and who would be responsible for sound financial management.

PDX lifer, Beau's writings are less kiss and tell and more about the challenges of growing up when you are victimized. I know he had done a few readings before he left town for a while. I honestly wish him well, no child, boy, girl, gay straight - should have to grow up so quickly and then be manipulated and fed to the lions. He's trying to grow respect for himself while everyone blames him for 'luring' our mayor into illicit sex.

Thank you, Mary. No blame from me. I truly appreciate your honest and heartfelt response, and I wish Beau well, too.

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