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Monday, March 21, 2011

Big East not so big after all

In the national college men's basketball tourney, the Big East conference sent an unprecedented 11 teams to the big dance. Nine of them got mowed down the first weekend, and the other two advanced by beating Big East teams themselves. This is leading many (including Sir Charles Barkley on the telly) to observe that the conference was overrated. The Atlantic Coast Conference, meanwhile, has three teams still going, out of just four who entered. The Mountain West Conference accounts for two of the Sweet 16, out of three entrants.

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In the case of the Big East, the money grab that is the Conference Tournament cost them dearly. The Big East teams were beating each other up for four out of five nights going into the NCAAs.

Fascinating. *That's Entertainment!*

Compare the regular season inter-conference records (home, away & neutral sites) and get back to us on this whiny red herring of analysis.

p.s. -- And Roger's right.

Big Least.

So how did your school do, Jack? I haven't been following the action.

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