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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bicycle Rex: "I didn't read my voter's pamphlet statement before I signed it"

His stoned-out television campaign ads seem to have been more telling than anyone first thought.

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I love that Portlandia show

What a crock.

No kidding. It gives weasels a bad name.

Rightfully so, a child molester can't claim he/she did not know that a person was under-age when the crime is committed. Why is that principal not applied in signing a document that a person by their signature testifies that they subscribe to what they have signed. Same goes with contract law.

What gives? Politicians live in another world, or at least their cover-up people do.

Put a bird on it!

Rex is OVER!

So any candidate can have his staff lie in the voter's pamphlet?

All a candidate has to do is not read it before signing it and walla, no fine.

What a lame ruling.

He didn't read it so he didn't knowingly lie.

The simple answer for the ethics commission is to have candidates when signing having the signature document state that they have read their submittal in it's entirety. This is done all the time for other documents. But I believe that is insinuated in the present document submittals, it's just that we have an unethical ethical commission.

I call bull on this one. As one who ran for office there was nothing more important than the voters pamphlet statement. There's no way any candidate wouldn't proof read it carefully before submission.

BTW thanks again for your endorsement in my statement back in '06 Jack.

Rex was never my man but I follow his approach usually when signing things. I mark "yes" I read the legalese because I usually have no real choice. Then I sign. If ever challenged I'll tell them I wasn't able to understand, didn't have the time to read the statement, etc.

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