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Monday, March 28, 2011

At home with the Gatsbys

But her husband lives in Oregon. Honest.

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His loyal supporters don't see the arrogance. Go figure.

Why do I get this image of Wyden turning into a Byrd/Thrumond character that keeps marrying younger women and staying in that office until senility?

Can hardly wait for the people who cover for Wu to start the spin cycle on this again (not that it matters.)

If he's going to represent Wall Street, he really needs a crash pad nearby.

An arranged marriage, perhaps?

Does anyone see Tim Scott sending a letter to Ron like the one sent to George Pernsteiner?

A least Treetops is an official residence required by contract. NY is ... ?

At least we have one senator with his family in Oregon/DC.
Maybe we need a senator from outside district #3.

Gee...I guess I will have to hire Nancy to "design" my book collection, and tell me how many and what books to stack at eye level to "reflect" my tastes and interests...and of course to show off anything of "value"...
How pretentious and phony is that???!!!
Excuse me, I have to go throw up now.

It seems to me the Strand Bookstore is known — maybe best known — for selling books as décor, often by the linear foot.

"reflect" my tastes and interests

It's pretty obviouls she meant superior tastes and interests.

Gosh, Ben, do you not prefer your own tastes and interests?

Aren't his state tax records public record? I believe Oregon taxes Oregon residents on ALL income earned, even if it was earned out-of-state...so let's see how he declared his out-of-state income...or did he file as a non-resident?

Quite impressed with her spring cleaning tasks.....keeping the leather books well oiled. Might this also apply to the older hubby?

Aren't his state tax records public record?

He files an SEI form, which does not include state tax return data.

He may choose to voluntarily disclose this, however.


I was just being smarmy. :)

I'm sure she's a fine lady with swell tastes and interests.

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