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Thursday, March 3, 2011

All moved out

Tally ho! An alert reader has pointed out a report in the media that His Lordship Henry Merritt Paulson III and Lady Paulson III have successfully sold their former home in Lake Grove for $975,000. This presumably finishes their move into their new royal manor in groovy Dunthorpe (financed in part, it appears, by His Excellency Sir Henry Paulson II). May the peasantry rejoice.

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Did you catch the blurb in the media about the $31 million cost of the PGE Park remodel being $5 million over budget?

Yes, and *only* $1 million out of the city taxpayers' pockets! We're all so happy.

Wait 'til that sewer pipe collapses. It should be hilarious.

Where's the moat?

LLP's house in Lake Grove sold for $975,000 on 2/4/2011. In June of '07 he paid $1,440,000 for the home, losing $465,000 or 32% in just over three and half years. It shows he paid cash for the home. He bought at the absolute height of the market.

He bought his new home in Dunthorpe last May for $2,050,000 and it also shows he paid cash.

Interestingly, the property taxes on his old digs was $14,440.00 and on his Dunthorpe place it is $11,819.

I believe there were mortgages involved in both purchases.

The classic part of that KGW story is moving the field a few feet. Never mind the references to an uneven playing field for the rich and poor:
After the deal was done, they literally moved the goal posts. I love this town.

I just checked the tax information on both properties. Neither show a mortgage attached to the property. Perhaps LLP took private money that wasn't using the properties as collateral.

They have no shame...a million dollar
hit to taxpayers is treated with a cavalier attitude like it doesn't matter.

Not that it's too relevant, but other databases show mortgages.

The Lake Grove house must have been a shack. I was walking in the Mt Tabor neighborhood where I saw a grand "classic" (according to the Realtor, anyway)for over $1.2^6. If they are taking a hit, I guess it would have sold at the same time LLP bought his place for $1.9^6

In SE Portland, no less.

I hope to see all you Timber fans with your Henry Paulson Is A Criminal signs at the first home match.

I have to say, with folks in the public arena, the info should stay public. I mean, property sales and taxes are public, but there is no need to go there on that level, affecting people's families. Whatever you can get him on in the public arena via public financing, go nuts. More power to ya. The same for that Pdx woman going to PDC. The negative personal comments were not necessary. I am thinking of Gabby Giffords and how everyone pretty much agreed that public discourse should stay on a certain level and higher after that terrible event. I am not fond of some folks, but I don't go there. I would not want folks to do that to me.

I know that street in Lake Grove. Douglas Circle used to be filled with nice, cozy, pretty little houses. And then punks like the Paulsons came along and filled it with oversized mcMansions, ruining it for good.

Someday more people may lament the loss of those pretty little houses. How many huge Firs and Cedars were removed for those McMansions? McMansions are out of scale and out of character of that lovely charming neighborhood.

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