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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Above the law

A reader snapped this photo of a parked car in Southeast Portland yesterday morning:

According to the reader, it's the work of "a lazy inspector not wanting to park and walk a block and a half down to those new 'move the house condo's' on 38th and Division. He got himself some princess parking right on the corner instead."

Now, when you mess with a fire hydrant, you're intruding into Fireman Randy's territory. Up until recently, Buildings was in his domain, too, but now that's been passed off to Legend Saltzman. Perhaps they ought to sit down for a chat about fire safety.

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Citizen's array-est!! Citizen's array-est!!

Immediate questions: Were any traffic citations given to city vehicles last year? If so, how many? And to what amount did all such citations sum? Are city employees required to pay traffic citations? Are city employees represented by city attorneys in traffic court?

There is so much yet to learn about our increasingly isolated city administration.

With the graffiti on the hydrant too. Classic.

Parking #FAIL.

I would have called for an immediate tow. This is an unconscionable Hazard. I would then start calling news outlets to see if they have a photographer close by.
If you think I'm kidding, I have have a thank you letter from the state Police chief (WSP, over state fire marshal) when I wouldn't let a school athletic director tie fire doors shut during a tournament. It cost my daughter a first string seat on varsity, but she has a priceless value system.
Stand up People!

Yeah, this is not acceptable. Embarrassing for anyone employed by the City. Clearly, some people just don't get it.

Hopefully the informant also photographed the car's license number. He should email it straight to Randy for follow-up; he's johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to Fire Bureau matters (wish I could say the same for fighting the EPA over costly water infrastructure mandates).

If they actually cared the picture shows the vehicle number. The secret is to make them care.

There's a vehicle number in the photo. There won't be much doubt who the driver was.

It was most likely my neighbor, he uses his C-Ride to come home for lunch and other type of building inspector duties.
Busy man you know.

Same thing on my street back in 2005: Building inspector parked in front of a hydrant at a house under construction. He blew me off, City Hall ignored me. As Bryant said in the film Blade Runner, "You know the score, pal. You're not cop, you're little people!"

Makes ya' wonder how skilled / ethical an inspector he was....

Jack -

If you can send me a .jpeg of that set of photos, I'll gladly go to CVity Council next Wednesday with 6 copies, 1 for each member and the auditor, and request that the City voluntarily bureau the bureau who's employee was using the vehicle, pay a parking fine with that debit, and discipline the driver.

It'll be fun to watch the council squirm

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