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Thursday, February 3, 2011

You're not anonymous on the internet

As this fellow has found out. [Via WW.]

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Sad that a person can't be honest in Portland.

I think it's sad that someone who just moved here is making recommendations on the Memorial Coliseum.

It's his own fault. He left too many clues, and did not change pseudonyms often enough.

He should just change his name to Croweater and move on. To Detroit.

From the linked article:“Bob Sallinger and the Audubon Society are [some] of the reasons why Oregon continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.”

“If the current group of elected officials in Portland that want us to be a European city with bikes and kickball as our main sport stay in power, our economy will continue to shrink, and all anyone will be able to afford is a bike. …

“Many supporters of 1000 fiends [1000 Friends of Oregon] are East Coast trust funds that moved to Oregon and do not care about the economy. They have their millions and are not interested in creating an entrepreneurial environment to allow others to share in the American dream.

These supporters want zero growth so they can be 20 minutes to their favorite fly fishing hole or hunting ground.”

I wondered what motives lurked behind the nasty tone.
JK: What nasty zone?? This guy is just telling the truth!


Eh, somehow I don't picture the east coast trust fund types heading out to their favorite hunting ground. Guns are icky. Hiking/biking in pristine forest sure. Shooting animals no.

But still, crow eating is a popular spectator sport nationwide.

Doesn't matter if this guy's opinions are true/false/valid/absurd - the fact that a so-called community leader resorts to annonymity to attack and slander the very people he purports to cooperate with is the real issue.

Slow news day, Examiner?

I thought that the French Foreign Minister's response to the US State Department Frog bashing exposed in Wikileaks was 100% adult and perfect: "You should hear what we say about you."

Who was that Metro guy that went to NYC just recently? Parting shot something about excess of pretend amity and lack of open debate?

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