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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You say Gaddafi and I say Gadafy

Qaddafi, Kadafi,
Gaddafi, Gadafy,
A lot of people definitely want to call the whole thing off.

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Between this and the earthquake in Christchurch, I want one of two things that I can't have. Nobody's going to give me an operational Green Lantern ring, and my boss and my wife won't let me go back to bed.

And when he falls he will be like a felled tree that finally rotted to the core, leaving an ugly impression in the land for now, but to remain there for only a few more seasons.

Don't laugh but maybe historians eventually write: a bumbling U.S President (Bush II) set off a wave of Revolution across Sunni nations, overturning tyrants for democratically elected representative government. But the government abused fruit vendor in Tunisia is the spark against this background.

The way Oregon is going with respect to limits on individual freedom, maybe there'll be such a revolution in Oregon someday bringing about a new bill of rights for individuals. Remember Cogen's army shutting down the little girl's lemonade stand last summer for lack of license. There's lots of other folks getting so restricted by Oregon state and local governments everyday. They don't get any apologies from the Cogen's of the state, though.

Speaking of Qaddafi, I thought his son was the most annoying phony macho moron in history when he said they will fight to "the last bullet". You're shooting protesters. Get over yourself.

In this case, shouldn't it be, "Let's cut the whole thing off"?

Beck Worries About Effect That Overthrow Of Gadhafi Will Have On Gas Prices, by Adam Shah, Media Matters for America, February 22, 2011 11:51 pm ET

Beck tried to inoculate himself from claims that he's defending Gadhafi: "I personally think Muammar Gadhafi looks like Scar from The Lion King, and he has a worse personality. It's difficult to have any warm and tender feelings for the crazy man Muammar Gadhafi." ... Beck also said we should be thinking about U.S. gas prices: "It's about how much cash gets pulled off your debit card every time you go and try to fill your gas tank." He added: "What happens if the Muslim Brotherhood is successful in Libya? How high is the gas? Who's their next target? What's to stop them from saying 'take out the regime in Saudi Arabia too.' Again, I'm no fan of the Saudi Arabia regime."
Today only the FREE front page (subscription req'd in back pages) of Wayne Madsen Report .COM offers the following two items. (Each new day 'WMR' updates its front page News items.)

Late in the night, Feb.22, came this:

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: * Exclusive to WMR: The Arab revolt has spread to Arabia [we're dropping the descriptor "Saudi" since that will, in the near future, no longer be the name of the country currently known as "Saudi Arabia."] 22 Feb 2011 -- Some 100 youth took to the streets of Hafar Al Batin, calling for the end of the Saudi regime. Hafar Al Batin is a city in northeast Arabia. The Saudi regime, through media propaganda, has devoted attention to the return of King Abdullah II after his recent surgery in Morocco. Arabians are infuriated about the lack of government response to the floods in Jeddah and the fact that Abdullah did not do anything about the damage caused by the floods. On the eve of Abdullah's return, Arabians took to the streets calling on Abdullah not to return, chanting "we don't need you." No news agency has covered the Arabian protests, except Islah TV, which has confirmed the news. People in Arabia now say "Enough is Enough." We are told there will be a big uprising in the coming days in Arabia.
The day's collection began early with this:
Why Obama and Clinton are hesitant to see Qaddafi toppled. From WMR, 25 Aug 09 [quoting back pages]: "The word from Whitehall is that, although Parliament is in summer recess, senior staffers know that a major secret deal [release by Scotland of PanAm 103 alleged bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi] was worked out between Number 10 and Number 11 Downing Street (the residences of the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, respectively) and [Muammar] Qaddafi and sealed after a meeting two weeks ago between [Peter] Mandelson and Qaddafi's son, Saif al Islam Qaddafi, at a Rothschild family-owned villa on Corfu."

The Rothschilds own George Soros and Soros owns Obama and Clinton. Cut and dry back room politics.

Maybe 'the whole thing' canNOT be called off.

Instead, and therefor, maybe everyone has to be called in to the (internet?) classroom, to read, to study, to understand political nuclei, which have gravity, which influence each person's life-orbit -- such as yours and mine and our jobs and our water supply and the price of gasoline ....

(Considering any question of whether or not USMilitary troops would obey orders to machine-gun crowds of civilian protesters demonstrating in the streets, there is a deep archive of discussion at www.VeteransToday.COM, (Copy'n'Paste URL), showing troops reaching consensus for turning their weapons on the bosses and thereby overthrowing fascist rightwing reactionaries such as the groups calling themselves 'Republican', 'Bushies', or 'Tea Party.' Many eyes see Obama's appointees and staffers behaving and included as fascist rightwing reactionaries. Check it out sometime when you have time to read.)

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