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Friday, February 11, 2011

Worthy of the Jada Mae

Over at Street Roots, they've been taking nominations for various honors that they will be bestowing on members of the community this spring. One of them is --

Jada Mae Langloss Rabble Rouser of the Year: Given to a citizen that has created real change in the community through community activism and standing up in the face of adversity.
That one is named after a late, legendary figure on the Portland political scene, who didn't let adversity of all kinds get her down.

A reader of this blog sent in a nomination for that prize. She wrote:

This is to nominate Jason Renaud for the Jada Mae Langloss award.

Jason is one of the most dedicated agitators for the human rights of the downtrodden in Portland's history. Good things that probably would not have happened without his hard work include the creation and momentum of the advocacy organization, Mental Health Association of Portland, and the film, Alien Boy. He is a constant voice for people experiencing both homelessness and metal illness, which are, to use the poetic wonky jargon, "highly comorbid."

Jason deserves this award, because like Jada, he forever keeps pushing, and because, like Jada, he gives agitating a good name.

We couldn't agree more.

Comments (3)

Seconded. Jason is a real mensch.

I read Street Roots once. It doesn't help my opinion of Jada Mae or Renaud.

He's got my vote.

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