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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why they have to meet every year

The State of Oregon is headed for financial collapse, but it's nice to see our legislature stepping up and tackling the tough issues.

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Everything should be a referendum: The legislature can’t make any law without a vote of the people.

We don’t need a bunch of new laws every year. If legislators had to put most of their ideas to a vote, they wouldn’t bother introducing a bill. Everybody would spend less time on all the little special interests that descend on Salem each session.

Put the entire state two-year budget up for a vote. Yes or no. I bet legislators would find an efficient, cost effective way to keep people informed if they knew voters had the final say.

There are important issues being taken on by Alaskans too.


Those brave, brave lawmakers.

There shouldn't be an "a" on the end of that link. Sorry. isuckatposting.com

I think you missed the point. It is supposed to be a "gut and stuff". I assume the revised bill will make failure to stop the capital crime everyone seems to think it should be.

I just think it's cute that, when you do it with a car it's a "California" stop, but if you do it with a bike, it's an "Idaho" stop.

What, I wonder does a "Washington" stop look like?

Will we stop at anything here in Oregon?

Totally laughable. Sometimes you wonder which planet these people are from. Remember, we're going to ban plastic bags too! I can't wait to pick up dog poop in paper sacks.

Probably works in Idaho...., they have one or two pickups that still work or aren't parked in the front yard and three bikes at last count. So what's the rush to bring that kind of nonsense to Oregon? If the bikers want to run a stop sign in Oregon....fair game for everyone.

Oregon is stopped.....stopped growing, stopped working, stopped collecting revenue, stopped educating our kids, stopped creating jobs, stopped attracting new business, stopped electing anyone with vision and intelligence who's actually held a real job and isn't a tired retread.

Keep Oregon stopped!

Yeah, we've been waiting for this one last piece of legislation to make Oregon governance perfect. It doesn't get any better than this.

Ginny Burdick has been an embarassment for years. IMHO, Burdick is a campaign dollar grubber extreme even among the rest of Oregon's state legislators, and has a "day job"pandering as a lobbyist when the Legislature is not in session.

Those who are posting here might want to look around the next time she is up for election to see if Burdick has a primary opopnent, and if so, consider sending something more important than jokes about the "Idaho stop". Send a check to Burdick's primary opponent.

Nonny, if my memory serves me she has run unopposed in the primary for years. Unfortunately, there are too many bike nuts in my neighborhood who will just love this thing... well until one of the kids gets killed or injured blowing through a stop sign and a side streer that crosses a major arterial.

BTW, the article is now calling this bill a placeholder for something else... loverly

IIRC, Ginny's a Goldschmidt pal. Wonder if she knew.

Our full-time Legislature has given a boost to Salem's employment numbers.

And they are still hiring: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/oregon/default.cfm?clearsearch=1&promotionaljobs=0&transfer=0

Lucs Advo -

I have the honor oif being south / east of I-5, in the West Portland Park Neighborhood, so I get Devlin. Who sometimes actually thinks and is not too bad. But the bar for v"not too bad" is not very high.

Are you in Bridlemile or Hayhurst? Run. I know where you can get a donation or two. It isn't about winnimng. Its about forcing questions, and forcing answers.

Unicameral! . . . the only way we're going to get rid of a bunch of the dead weight. And who voted for that meet-every-year stuff for those no-day-job people? Obviously, too many of you.

I can't wait to pick up dog poop in paper sacks.

Well, now you know what to do with it.

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