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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where washerwomen toiled

They're turning the historic Yale Union Laundry Building at SE 10th and Morrison into an art gallery. Portland city commissioner Nick Fish got the tour last week.

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Put a bird on it!

Isn't that white "finger" also known as the "bird?"

Pointing the wrong direction.

If I hang up 30 pictures and display an odd collection of 20 3D objects and allow 3 people a day to visit can I get an exemption from payment of property taxes?

Would that building be just the right size for a new Stock Exchange where only the stock of companies that require the application of Oregon law for all their transactions could be traded? It could even be organized as a non-profit.

Is Kiddie Hall going to provide funding for this too?
It sure sounds like the sort of "investment" that the SamRand twins love.

An apt symbol of the gentrification of Portland: a building that formerly employed many people in productive labor will now be remodeled into an art gallery.

If they throw in a McMennamins and an Urban Grind, the trifecta will be complete.

Bonus Points if they turn the on-street parking into a bike boulevard.

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