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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What? Only 1 out of 20?

Portland cracks the list of best food carts in the country -- but just barely. And only on the second team!

In any event, congratulations to Solar Waffle Works, wherever it is -- "too cool for the web," but no doubt somewhere in the close-in northeast part of town.

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Why not take that left over VOE money and divert it to a food cart training academy. Second team is unacceptable. We can do better.
Go by foodcart.

I think that COP has beaten you to it. I clicked on the food cart link and found this post:
"John Enyeart says:
January 13, 2011 at 5:28 am

Food Carts are strong as I see it. I deal with most of the locations through out Portland. Like any business the strong will survive. As of today I am aware of 4 new Food Cart locations going in. A fifth will be on 82nd that will be very large and have joint efforts with the city for cyclist that will be able to stop in, rest, shower etc. and then enjoy some great eats."

Methinks CoP is basically being run by children.

Showers and rest facilities on 82nd. Great....another way for Leonard to spend more money.

Showers on 82nd - for the "entertainment" activities? Will there be a condom cart?

Someone from San Francisco just told me that SF built showers and bathrooms for cyclists a while back and it was an expensive failure, for obvious reasons.

Why is it Portland seems to want to do every dumb thing someone else has already tried somewhere else?

So good.


Too bad about the bank being "revitalized" into another well lit big window multi tapped upholstered yuppie sewer meat market, still some soul in the parking lot..for now.

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