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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What has to be done

It's great that the folks down in Salem are focusing on the most crucial issues.

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John Kitzhaber has adopted the "clothes" of the West.

At just one page, that won't waste a fraction of the time that will be squandered on the crucial issue of policing sports agents on the University of California-Nike campus.

Reading this makes me wonder what sort of consent is KitzPr trying to manufacture w/this exceedingly obvious branding ploy?

#8. Talk less say more.....

Maybe they should have thought about this tenet a little more before coming up with such a resolution.

I'm so pissed they're neglecting Global Plastic Bag Warming for this.

At least Marley's Ghost is busy firing Dept heads...

...OK, one.

What a bunch of idiots.

(7) Ride for the brand

More like:
Brand for the Ride.

Then there is:

Shoot first, ask questions later.....

I see my reps name and my senators name. All I can say is I'm embarrassed for this part of the state...

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