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Monday, February 14, 2011

Welches con man getting around

Two sightings in as many nights. Readers write:

... spotted last night at the Division Street New Seasons.

Five seconds into his pitch, I recognized him from your blog, so thank you. At the very least you spared us from enduring what would have probably been a lengthy performance.

Immediately after he said "Welches" I interrupted him with "Don't you know you're featured on a blog? You're infamous!" Then we rolled up the window and drove away.

I have to tell you though, he sounded very authentic/sincere.


David from Welches... Saw him at Sandy Hut tonight. Waitress says he comes in pretty often. I'd try to write a story myself but I'm too close -- he took me for 20 bucks some time ago!

If they're ever hard up for sketch ideas for "Portlandia" (which we doubt), the Welches con man has got to be right up their alley.

Comments (4)

I think I saw this guy at the Hollywood Freddy's on Friday afternoon.

These guys are all over any big city. Used to hear the same pitch all the time in San Francisco. "Man, I'm just trying to get bus fare back out to Concord." It's just another form of panhandling. Not sure why he's been elevated to "con man" status on this blog.

"Not sure why he's been elevated to "con man" status on this blog".

It may be an old scam, but it is still a scam, by an active con man. Portland is a place where panhandling was at first tolerated, then finally accepted. I'm not sure the practice has improved the quality of life for the giver or for the panhandler.

If we start to "tolerate" or minimize the practice of theft, scams etc.. it can only lead to an uglier place to live.

This guy must be a master hypnotist... how does he get so many rubes to part with their $20 bills?? I have to laugh when these people snap out of it to realize they've been had, surprised that his well-honed story wasn't sincere. Did everyone just get off the Greyhound bus from Topeka?

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