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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two thirds of Portland "clean money" goes back where it came from

According to this report, of the $500,000 the City of Portland has lying around from its failed "voter-owned elections" fantasy, "at least $340,000" will go back to the city bureaus it was extracted from. The other 160,000 clams is apparently going to pay for new handicapped-accessible doors on City Hall.

Anything's better than handing it over to the next John Branam or Jesse Cornett to fritter away playing politician.

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Or, god forbid, give it back to taxpayers. Or cut our water bills. Or do something besides just say "look bureaus, we found some free money!" Cost savings!

Since Water & Sewer funds were used and are part of the rates, isn't it mandatory that the money go back to them?

Or, god forbid, the City Council properly and appropriately funds the Citizens Charter Review that we voted for withy some of this money!

This Commission is granted powers that can go completely around the City Council to increase accountability and transparency of our Council (for starters), but it must be funded to do this work! $20,000 is CHUMP CHANGE, and an insult to Portlanders!

The Charter is our City's constitution. It controls how the City of Portland works! If you want to see change, you have to do more than gripe. You have to make it happen. This is our chance, and the Council is trying to choke it out!

This is huge and no one is talking about it!

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