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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tri-Met's looking for a new head bean counter

One little, two little, three little boondoggles...

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Bureaucratic expansion endlessly apparently!
Paid for by union workers benefits!

Interesting hallucinations you have Al.

Your endless TriMet union worker benefits are paid for by confiscatory taxes levied upon for profit private sector employees and employers alike, along with taxes on real property of citizens and for profit businesses

You folks ever notice that neither
non profit organizations, nor their employees, nor government entities, nor their employees, pay TriMet employment taxes.

And the non profits, and the government entities, pay no property taxes.

Great little scam you TriMet folks have going there al.

Nonny: Al appears to be one of those folks that is unaware the public service sector worked just fine before public employee unions were around.

Guess they need a bean counter now since they had plenty of bean movers to facilitate their dream of the "Malarky Light Rail."

109K a year? Where do I sign up?

Why doesn't Metro take over TriMet?
It is authorized under the state charter.

Quick fix.
Save money.
Centralize transportation planning.
Make transportation decisions accountable to voters-instead of political appointment, like the $$$$ TriMet Board.
End duplication of planning and competition.

rteese -

Have you looked at the composition of the Metro Board?

Why do you think an elected board, beholden to both unions and contractors for campaign muscle and cash would be any more responsible that the Portland or Multnomah elected governments.


What's worse than an unelected TriMet board?

An elected Metro board that has a disproportionate number of Councilors representing some part of Portland.

I say we force TriMet's board to actually stand election - AND, abolish Metro. TriMet actually DOES something that people depend on every day...besides the Oregon Zoo, what else does Metro do?

And...just when is the Convention Center going to have a positive financial economic impact in our region? First, we just HAD to have the Convention Center. Then, it was too small and we had to expand it. Then, it didn't have a hotel so we need a hotel. Then, it needed a Streetcar line (never mind it already has a light rail stop.) And of course it has to be "sustainable" so I think they stuck a couple solar panels on its roof to light the aircraft beacons on the towers.

I'm subscribed to the TriMet email notifications list and there has been a veritable jobpocalpse of position listings lately. Most recently:

Director, Diversity & Transit Equity
Closing Date/Time: Continuous (until filled)
Salary: $79,139.00 - $98,923.00 Annually
Job Type: Non-Union Regular Full-Time

Here is a brief description of the job:
"TriMet has a job opening for a Director of Diversity and Transit Equity. Job description: Responsible for working with the Operations, Finance and Capital Projects divisions and participating in the decision-making process to help ensure that transportation services, fare structure, and the location of facilities and related infra-structure to support such services, are made available to and are equitably distributed without regard to race color, national origin, or socioeconomic circumstance."

More info on the Tri-Met site.

Strange, I haven't seen any openings for drivers in a very long time.

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