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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trade mission update

Reports from Spain are that the mayor of Portland showed up at Iberdrola headquarters in Bilbao this morning, only to find out that the people he needs to talk to are in Valencia. He then adjourned to an undisclosed location for some private business.

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Full contact deep tissue Spanish body massage?

Ya can't make this stuff up.

Take a business trip and not know where you need to go. Priceless (unless you are a Portland taxpayer).

I really, really hope you are pulling our leg. Even the most inane inanity is possible with travelin' ℠ Adams.

He did check out the mensroom.

That's proof that Sam should go. It's not just that the jokes write themselves, but that the jokes probably aren't as goofy as what he's doing right now.

What GW said!

Who would travel thousands of miles for a business trip, only to arrive at the wrong location.

If this is true, he was not expected. Where is the coordination and planning?

There is no hope for competency! And this is not snark.

PDX'ers should demand that he pay back every dime or the entire trip.

Does it matter where Sam shows up? Outside of throwing pots of money at people he knows nothing of selling Portland. Heck, he knows nothing of economics or paying his mortgage on time.

I should be happy it's not Vera going - Shouldn't I?

I propose we send Sam on a worldwide fact-finding tour for the next, oh, two years or so. Without laptop, cell, blackberry or other electronic communication device.

He can start in Bangkok, where the pedophiles have carte blanche. Who knows, he might want to stay there.

And such a trip might actually save taxpayer money in the long run. As opposed to his wildly expensive, totally ineffective, utterly unpopular projects here. I mean, not even His Honor could spend tens of millions on private, personal "entertainment," could he?

This wouldn't have happened if the Spanish leadership followed Sam's twitter feed!

"Spanish Iberdrola leadership", that is.

Next surprise for Sam?

Data roaming with his smartphone is very, very expensive. I wonder if he realizes that?

I have Iberdrola stock. Please Sam, don't do anything to screw up Iberdrola.

"I should be happy it's not Vera going - Shouldn't I?"

Vera probably would not be partaking of the local "fare" as I'm sure Sammy is.

But the new PDC head got a trip out of the deal. Maybe he wanted to see the new museum in Bilbao. Valencia is a much nicer place this time of year than Bilbao, so maybe they will just head over there for a few days as well. And why not go down to Malaga too? The action there might be more to HIZ honor's liking.
Money no object...after all it is just taxpayer $$$.

Mike: "Data roaming with his smartphone is very, very expensive. I wonder if he realizes that?"

He doesn't realize that, nor does he care, because he isn't paying for it.

Jack, is this post a joke?

PDX'ers should demand that he pay back every dime or the entire trip.

The joke is on all of us. Has been for years, hasn't it? Insiders benefiting, while the rest of us pay more and more for less and less. Guess I am sounding like a past stuck record player. I think it is time to get out of that rut, and insist on integrity and transparency on projects and public process.

Next stop: Ibiza (not safe for work) (unless you're a mayor or something).

Maybe it's not wrong place and they're just avoiding him?

Maybe the Iberdrola execs are hiding in the women's bathroom.

Please tell me you are joking about him going to the wrong city.

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