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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too big to fit under the rug

One Portand police sergeant's goonish behavior gets called out by the police review board. Said board consisting of "the sergeant's commander, assistant chief, a peer of same rank, a community member and the director of the Independent Police Review Division or a designee." If we're counting correctly, that's four cops and one civilian.

And of course:

Officer Daryl Turner, president of the Portland Police Association, said, "We totally support Sgt. Nice and will use every resource for the best outcome."
They should start with a periodic drug test -- including for steroids.

Comments (11)

Officer Nice is demonstrably not so and the Portland Police Association is doing the citizens and themselves a great disfavor in supporting him. Apparently not a lot of thinking going on here...

Obviously there is something wrong with this panel. No one informed them that Portland police get to do whatever they want without consequence.

I am most surprised by the fact this article was not published at 6pm on a Friday.

I guess I've officially gone over to the dark side (no, I'm not calling the PPD the dark side) by using one of their frequent lines:

"If you have nothing to hide, why not agree to the drug tests?"

I wonder if complaints to this police review board go to the police on the board or a civilian first. It would interesting to know if the police get the complaint first so they can give heads up to the officer listed in a complaint.

please remember that Sgt. Nice is a personal friend/buddy of Reese, and that Reese stupidly and wrongfully banished a truthful 'n' honest PPB (ironic, there are a few...
though the joker's like Nice get all the headlines) officer for reporting that Nice was a loose cannon on another sorry incident involving Nice and was later forced to reverse himself and let the Good Officer back where he belongs...rumors have that Nice has been a longtime supporter of Reese's hokey band and thus, earned Reese's undying devotion and willingness to protect at all cost ((what was Rosie Sizer's REAL motive for protecting Nice...anyone care to drop a dime on Rosie and tell us???)) REESE WILL NOT FORCE NICE TO RESIGN OR SUFFER ANY FORM OF PUNISHMENT!!!1

The community member and the IPR director are not cops. and never were. so it is 3-2

Is the IPR Division part of the Police Bureau? Is the director an employee of the bureau, or of some other city bureau? Heaven forbid their names should appear.

IPR is associated with the City Auditors office. It is different than the PPB Internal Affairs Division. See http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/index.cfm?c=26646

Having cleared that up - Even the PPB members on the review board didn't approve of Sgt. Nice's behavior that day so I guess you agree with them...

It appears that the director of the IPR Division of the auditor's office is a civilian, Mary-Beth Baptiste -- a former prosecutor. She is about to go on three month's family medical leave:


The directory of the IPR Division is a former prosecutor (the ones that never indict police officers). The foxes are in charge of this hen house.

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