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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thunderbird knows

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Cool. Very cool.

I'm surprised it doesn't flag everything from CoPo.

I thought C of P already had a Peace Bureau.

Ending discrimination. Does this mean that the psychotics can now become pilots, and the deranged can become mayors, or worse, despots?

Will the blind lead search and rescue missions? Will the infirm become firefighters? The illiterates, teachers?
The sadists, doctors?

I'm getting a little tired of the PC thing. I wish Black History month events would focus a little more on the fact that millions of people of African descent are still slaves in Africa, and maybe celebrate a little more the fact that slavery was actually abolished, in this country. Unlike Mauritania, which has abolished slavery seven times in less than a hundred years, and finally, after it was clear that that actually wasn't doing the trick, actually passed laws criminalizing the practice, like, two years ago?

Shh, don't say anything that might be discriminatory against Mauritania. Multicultural mumbo-jumbo is still big, in Portland.

That is classic.

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