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Monday, February 7, 2011

The real Aliki

Actually, there are three of them, doing their part to keep it weird.

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Ah, yes! Organic farming is weird! Out with it! Ridicule the concept, the implementation. Plow it over and sell it (at a loss) to developers.

It's all in fun. The three guys have a sense of humor -- unlike you.

All I can say is I sympathize with Portlanders over the show. Now you know how everyone in Dallas felt when George Romero did those movies about us.

An attempt at sarcasm, directed at business as usual in the City of Roses.

They don't see humor, they see bux.

The Mod Squad of 2011. Except no girl and no black guy, but they are cute and fighting the evil empire of corporate agriculture. What else can we expect. We raised them on Veggie Tales. It is their duty to rebel. Just look at what the generation before them did when they took on the mighty purple dinosaur.
I love this blog man.

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