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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The obvious questions

Who will win the Super Bowl?

Which team are you rooting for?

For us, those are both tough calls. The Pack has momentum, but the Steelers are as solid as they come. And it's so great to see two old-time blue-collar teams make it all the way to the limelight -- it's hard for an old Giants fan to lean one way or the other.

Given the soft spot we have for the memories of the first Super Bowl -- played on our 13th birthday -- we'll go with Green Bay, both as our rooting interest and as our prediction. Max McGee, baby!

And if the Packers' score should end in a 4, while the Steelers' score ends in a 1... well, all the better.

Comments (13)

I'm psyched about tomorrow but I always get a little depressed when the games start dwindling down to the last few - especially during bad times when the need to escape is so great.
Here's my comparison between the end of a football season and the end of a relationship. It's not a coded message about my life or anything - things are going great. It's just a comparison:

The regular season is the good times. The relationship is new and full of hope and there are great possibilities in the air. If only it could just go on like this forever, but it can't. The playoffs represent when it's time to go to that next level. Everything is still exciting but there's so much more pressure and little flaws from before are becoming big problems. For the first time you start to realize that this is going to come to an end. You try to ignore it and just enjoy what you still have but everything is unraveling so quickly. Hearts are broken and you know you're heading towards the big conclusion.
The Pro Bowl is after you've decided to break up. You get together for 2 or 3 hours but it's pointless and meaningless and feels all wrong. There is no thought of sex - just a long conversation about how the relationship is done.
Then after she has put everything in cardboard boxes and moved out - after she has a new apartment and you're starting to deal with the idea that she's gone, she comes back for that one last night of incredible sex, as a way to honor the whole thing and end it right, and that is the Super Bowl. Then by Monday morning, she is gone forever. --BMCD
P.S. I was going to compare the lock-out to coming home and finding out that she's changed the locks, but analogies are tricky - you don't want to overdo it.

I get that sports are the great metaphor for the male species, really glad for ya, but since I love all things cheese, it's gotta bet...The Packers!

My heart is with the Pack, but I Think Pitt is just too much for the Green Bay Overacheivers. I'd love to be proven wrong on this one.

Interesting comments.

I'm rooting for the Steelers, but I think the Cheeseheads are going to win.

A substitute center without sufficient practices to establish requisite coordination with Mr Ben will result in miscommunication at critical moments. It will be a difficult day for the team from western PA.

The Bears aren't playing - who cares?

Steelers by a field goal.

I remember that first Super Bowl too, kind of an odd name for a game where the NFL was sure to romp. It was a balmy January day, high around 40, so we were off to the park for a game of hoops. Two years later, thanks to JWM, the Super Bowl began to live up to its name. In honor of my many friends from Wisconsin, let's hope the Pack will be back.

That would be JWN -- some day I'll learn to type.

I'm an ex Chicagoan, but I disagree with phastphil. GBP is the only team to vote for. Of course, they are not playing the Bears.......

As this has been the Year of Concussions in football, you have to go with the undisputed leaders in cheap shots.

What I'm seeing is Pittsburgh stuffing the Green Bay running game early, forcing them to pass. Then, either James Harrison or Ryan Clark lays out Aaron Rodgers with one of the helmet-to-helmet hits they're so good at.

Afterward, Ben Roethlisburger heads to Charlie Sheen's for a quiet evening of reflective conversation.

Green Bay by 17

How great to see that my dog-picking skills have not improved with idleness!

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