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Saturday, February 19, 2011

That's a wrap

We joined everybody and their kids at OMSI this afternoon. The Egypt exhibit was impressive and fun. They're too tactful to advertise it this way, but they have a real live mummy. Great outing with the sun streaming through all the glass. And now, to rest our ears.

Comments (2)

My support of OMSI ended long ago.

OMSI's relocation (forced) cost more jobs that OMSI created.

OMSI is tax payer supported. OMSI couldn't exist with out it.

If I live in Pendelton, why should I support it.

It only benefits Portland.

It seems a little ironic for Portland to have such a massive piece of military hardware right on the waterfront.

That said, I'm very glad it's there. And I'll be happier with the U.S.S. Ranger is permanently docked, albeit over in Fairview. (It would be such an awesome addition to Vancouver, right next to the old Boise Cascade property that is trying to be redeveloped, and right next to I-5.)

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