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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Streamlining government, Oregon style

Step 1: Add a new position.

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Office of Government Streamlining?

Jordan is really into the touch feely stuff, the "vision and values", and all that. It's a safe bet that with him as Oregon COO, things will go from bad to worse. But it's have "vision".

Why does the state need a Chief Operating Occifer, anyway? This is just a new $200,000 job (plus benefits).

Touchy feely? That's not what others call it but I know Jack likes to keep this blog clean. Good luck to the State employees, they are going to get henpecked to death. SMI, the Metro Compass, dotted line relationships, Kronos, PACe (bleh), getting rid of silos (between the depts which are even worse now), The Six Values or whatever the heck they are. Know the State has their diversity training in place, that's a plus.

That's interesting, he was behind this:


I don't know what SMI is, and I find it hard to believe that Metro has a "Compass" (other than "planning" for more rail).

Mikey should feel right at home, as diversity means you can't get rid of anybody for incompetence.

Silli Me.

I thought we hired Dovernor Retread as the COO.

Does this mean Retread will not be taking a salary, or earning PERS credits, since Mikey will be doing Retread's job?

Nah, didn't think so.

But one can always hope.

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