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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SoWhat District: "too big to fail"

Ain't it the truth. Just another ripoff of the average taxpayer. Go by streetcar!

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Other things that are "too big to fail":

The Portland Streetcar
MAX Light Rail
TriMet (although the bus system, comprising 2/3rds of TriMet, will somehow be allowed to fail)
Convention Center
Expo Center
Portland Development Commission
City of Portland
Port of Portland
Multnomah County
Portland Aerial Tram

"South Waterfront Condos Benefit From Public Spending"

Also the sky is blue and water is wet.

Subsidize the really well off as much as possible - builders and owners

Agent 503 needs to have a consult with Leonard and Ty about that "immigration" center.

And there is the likely explanation for all of these worthless boondoggles that have been or are being rammed through as quick as possible....

"But it's too big to fail....!"

The people of this area have way too much blind faith in the omnibenevalence of their governments and planning agencies. How sad and foolish.

Agent 503, slight correction, the building began in 1999, not 2005.

SoWhat? Fabulous place

Northwest 23rd? More fabulous

The Pearl? Most fabulous

Anyone who says otherwise is just a naysayer an all-around grump and not a team player.

Sam Adams told me so. Of course, he also said he was a competent public official, but no one can be right all the time.

It's not capitalism, it's crony capitalism.

The site sez:

Too big too fail?

I speculate:

Too dim to spell correctly?

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