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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Jesus with your Aaron Rodgers?

Nope. (And not with your Steely Dan on KINK, either.)

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In all the years that I've seen "John 3:16" I've never been tempted, to go look it up. I didn't know what it meant either.

"Tempted" to look up a bible verse. Too funny...

Maybe people should hold counter signs up. Say, Mark 7:27 (that suggests that Christ is not the Messiah for Gentiles)?

If God decided to play any part in the superbowl at all he would have first made sure that his team (the Cowboys) made the playoffs.

Next up: Gibby 3:45 (suggesting that is the exact time I will tipping my first brewski today)

I expect a few pass interference issues will prompt references to 2 Corinthians 3:6.

The Book of Brady: "The great part about our sport is that nothing comes easy, and wherever you stand at the end of the year is the exact place that you deserve to be."

It's also funny to see humans try and divine the mind of God. So arrogant and so far off base.

And you know it's off-base because . . . ?

... because there is no god, and therefore it's off-base to assume there are some universal moral laws and/or supernatural powers that somehow govern a generally primitive mammal such as ourselves.

Oh well, I wouldn't have paid much attention to the spot anyway. But that bit with Michael Douglas made me throw up!

And what was with the half time Tron like bonanza. I was half expecting Jeff Bridges to descend on one of those wires. The sound quality was terrible and the choreography less than amateurish. It looked like someone got a good deal on LED light strings left over from the Holidays. Bring back Janet!

So it wasn't just me thinking that was some of the worst sound quality ever. Way to go FAUX.

"sound quality" had much to do with Black Eyed Peas being off key. There side glances to each other seemed to be asking "what key are you singing in?" and "this isn't so good is it?"

"FAUX" doesn't produce the half-time stuff, NFL Productions does. If FOX produced it, you might have seen Anita Bryant or maybe Barry Manilow.

How can you be off key when you're running everything through auto-tune (which they were)?

I'm surprised there's anyone in America who isn't familiar with John 3:16. Especially sports fans.

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