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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Right up there with Pepe's

Not one but two Portland pizza spots -- Apizza Scholls and Ken's Artisan -- have made this list of the top 25 in the country. We'll have to make a point of testing them both out, as they are in some super company.

We had the pleasure of living around the corner from Pepe's in New Haven for a few months 33 years ago. There was another joint called Sally's up the street. Both were great, but Pepe's was legendary. As we recall, the decor was quite rugged, and the only artist on the jukebox was Frank Sinatra. But oh, the pie.

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And Nostrana can't be far down the list.

Scholls on Hawthorne is excellent. Get there early. Pizzeria Uno Chicago still tops he list. Anywhere Sinatra is playing has got to be great.

Pyro Pizza, in the Hawthorne cart pod, is as good as Kens and at about 1/4 the price.

What's wrong with Frank?

And aren't you from New Jersey, Jack?

I grew up in the Chicago area, and have yet to find anything on par with the pies of my youth. I'll check these out.

in the Hawthorne cart pod

How sad.

Don't forget Flying Pie. The savior from Pizza hell after a long hiatus from the best of Chicago in the 50's and 60's. Home Run Inn, near Comiskey Park, numero uno, defined Chicago style crust, and the homiest atmosphere ever to be found in a pizza joint. I moved here in 1963, and suffered long and hard from pizza withdrawal, (and the loss of WFMT).

Portland now has a respectable lineup of pizza places. Even Edgefield is very good, although it definitely depends on who's in the kitchen that day.

Allclassical is also a pretty good replacement for WFMT.


Do folks not know how these "rankings" work? Hint: it does not involve somebody going to each place, eating the pizza, and carefully ranking and rating it. Second hint: it's done by arrangement.

Seriously, folks: It's disguised, paid advertising. Investigate. No, those participating will not say "yeah, it's rigged".

Pepes, Sallys, The Spot - mmmmm. White clam and garlic pie . . . . takes me way back.

Also read the article. These places serve those new frou frou pizzas that have a cracker thin crust, burnt to a crisp, and that taste like cheese & tomatoes on a burnt ritz cracker. Ok you may like it but give me an old CHicago style pizza everytime.

Seriously, folks: It's disguised, paid advertising.

No, it's not.

The Pepe family didn't pay these people.

You got a problem wit dat?

Take it from a native of New Haven, CT: the best pizza in Portland, OR is Bella Faccia on Alberta.

Take it from a NY Italian-American (who is not into New Haven style), the best in this city is Al Forno Ferruzza on Alberta. But skip their very good pizza and go for their killer calzone with homemade ricotta.

Ah...Pepe's...garlic and anchovies with extra garlic AND! anchovies!
From the gods!

I haven't tried either of the places on Alberta, but Nostrono's is better than either Ken's or Apizza Scholls. My preferred style is Neapolitan, but all three of these claim to make that style.

The top-25 list was right about some places: 2Amy's is the best in DC and Bianco's is the best in Arizona. At one time, I would have said best in the entire country, but I think it went downhill slightly when its owner was forced out of the kitchen by asthma.

Funny this topic should come up here -- I just happened to catch a show the other day on the Travel Channel all about the Pepe's vs. Sally's rivalry. I'm sure it will air again, probably multiple times, so check the listings if you're interested.

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