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Monday, February 21, 2011

Portland Beavers may be stuck in Tucson for a while

Governor Moonbeam's plan to kill off "urban renewal" would likely doom the team's proposed new stadium in a San Diego suburb. The guys who bought the Beavers from Little Lord Paulson must be thrilled.

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It was all in the "Big Picture" LLP will buy it back for 10cents on the dollar

If he kills off URDs, then he is no longer Gov Moonbeam in my book.

URDs are the biggest boondoggle to steal money from schools yet.

Since SamRand are not popular here, they can spread their wings and move to San Diego, run for office there and get that new stadium done. They seem to get things through no matter how much it all costs. Remember if that doesn't work, there is always the recommendation of a few weeks ago from here to go North to Alaska!

ESCONDIDO is approximately 45 minutes north of San Diego and not a suburb, but an incorporated city long on the map.
I don't know what influence San Diego might have there, but I don't see any connection.

ESCONDIDO is approximately 45 minutes north of San Diego and not a suburb, but an incorporated city long on the map.

Escondido's southern boundary touches San Diego's northern boundary - they are neighboring cities; San Diego is the larger city.

They are both located in San Diego County.

Interstate 15 connects the two; at the Escondido/San Diego city line, there are five through lanes in each direction, an HOV lane, and four HOV/FasTrak lanes.

Escondido is served by the North County Transit District, an all-encompassing transit agency that provides bus service outside of San Diego proper, along with the Coaster commuter rail (which runs to Oceanside, paralling I-5) and the Sprinter "diesel light rail" between Oceanside and Escondido. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit Service runs express buses between the two cities.

Oh, and it's closer to 30 miles between the two cities.

It may be a city in its' own right, but so are Vancouver, Gresham, Beaverton and Hillsboro. Heck, Vancouver pre-dates Portland.

As one who lived in San Diego for many years, I'd never think of driving to Escondido for a minor league game. Traffic and distance and other diversions... are many.
The crowds may come from Vista, Poway, RB, etc...but not likely those who live below 52.
There is no connection between the two cities I am aware of except they are both in the same county.

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