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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PDC head honcho candidates dropping off

None of the names still being tossed around for CEO of the Portland Development Commission seem right. On this one, we're expecting the unexpected.

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I wonder if Lynn Peterson is trying to get this gig?

Patrick Quinton is a east coast guy and hasn't been around Portland for very long. I wonder if he's made all the connections needed to run in this city. Maybe that is a good thing, and not strongly connected to the Goldschmidt cabal, yet.

Perhaps a sign that the PDC take a sabbatical.

Watching Quinton in action on several occasions, I have one conclusion and one prediction.

1. His confidence far exceeds his competence.

2. He will be ℠ the Tram's lap dog.

That's what I was wondering. Are they falling away because they lost interest, or have they been asked to?

As I recollect our current mayor basically got elected because he was the only politician who wanted the job (no offense to Mr. Dozono's gallant last minute effort as alternate).

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