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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our budget problems are over!

It's simple: Tax the Canadians.

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I don't know about this one. These guys drop their gloves and fight.

And they play hockey quite well too!

Keep it up, and we'll bomb the Baldwins again.

What a bad idea. Canada doesn't tax us when we go up there by train.

Tourism is one of our best exports (spending by Canadians visiting Oregon counts as an export). Let's discourage that. Sure that will help create jobs. Why not tax other exports from Oregon like semiconductors, spring wheat, and soda ash?

I hear there are quite a few uninspected "visitors" crossing the southern border too.

Robert, good point. Taxing things we want more of is like driving with your foot jamming on the brake and accellerAtor at the same time.

So why do we tax wages, savings and investments rather than emissions, consumption of nonreWable resources, and creation and use of toxics?

Is it possible that we've buiLt an entire tax system that is counterproductive to the goals we have for the economy and that, to boot, sucks up huge amounts of talent for nonproductive games playing with the tax code, diverting millions of work years into fighting over how the pie is sliced and away from how to make the pie bigger, tastier, and less damaging to our health?

Cue the liberals to scream now, So they can fulfill their natural role as useful idiets by helping to preserve our wildly regressive tax system in the name of "fairness."

Why tax the Canadians? They cause us few problems and generally support our business and obey our laws. We have the largest unguarded border between two countries and the biggest problem is the occassional bale of B.C. Hemp thrown across the border - which pales compared to the tons of who-knows-what shipped in on a daily basis at just ONE Mexican port.

On the other hand, a $50 per entry fee for the Mexican border would be good.

I don't know if this would discourage tourism, but if you think we aren't taxed when visiting Canada you haven't looked at a sales receipt. Around 20% extra. Still love going to B.C., though.

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