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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Opt out of getting phone books?

We doubt that it will work, but if you think it's worth a try, you can give it a shot here.

Comments (4)

I'm waiting for the class action nuisance suit.

Has it been a year already? I phoned in last year to opt out of the non-Qwest ...already got identical two sets of the wannabe directory.

Bah, they're great as pest killing tools. Free bug smashers every few months!

What about a class action littering suit?

Why does Quest, or Dex, or whoever, get to drop 2.5 of paper on my property and walk away? What if I went to the Dex CEO's house - or Jack's house - or Sam's house, and dropped leaflets for my kid's upcoming musical performance, or with info about the proposed cell tower in Irvington?

After all, I would be "providing a service" with these actions, right?

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