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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the waterfront

On my old stomping grounds in Hoboken, N.J., they're finding out that trendy is expensive, as recent mobster public works construction is already falling apart. Meanwhile, under the river, Magic Federal Money™ is now expected to bring a dead rail tunnel project back to life. Bank of China is standing by with the cash, no doubt. Hey, everybody, payroll tax holiday!

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So...how long before we discover the same exact things happening to all of the SoWhat construction? Or will city leaders just put their heads back in their rectums and hope that they'll be out of office and rich before anybody finds out?

The aerial tram will probably need a zillion-dollar overhaul before long.

The digging for the new SoWhat beach will probably reveal countless ecological disasters (or perhaps they'll be covered up).

And then there's the tower that's leaning -- just an urban myth, I'm sure.

Just wait 'til the immigration jail riots!

That Hudson tunnel is going to turn into the biggest boondoggle since the Boston Big Dig.

This is just amazing the army of consultants and report-writers our govt keeps funded.

This is bad as the $100M so far on the CRC and then actual bridge designers saying it won't work.

God, this country is screwed up by racking up debt for a better tomorrow.

No problem with the tunnel, this is one of those investments, in this case serving the already subsidized Acela trains. I guess it just wouldn't be right to ask business travelers to pay full load.

I don't see the problem.

Just let the state government assume responsibility for the repairs, and then let the Governor refuse to pay them after they are made just like he refuses to pay other costs.

I mean, how difficult is this?

We still don't have the money for the tunnel. Even if Amtrak leases the right to name it!

Well, Gov. Chris (I don't have to pay if I don't want to) Christie does have enough money to throw a couple hundred millions into the Revel Casino Project in Atlantic City.

In case you are not familiar with it, Morgan Stanley sunk $1.1 billion into it, then abandoned it. J.P. Morgan Chase, some private investors and pension funds are going to take it over, and will pay Morgan Stanley about $30 mil. Of course, Atlantic City needs another big casino project like Fox News needs another Republican on its payroll.

Two points

One, I am sure bonuses are due at Morgan Stanley for turning $1.1 billion into $30 million and two, if you are getting money from Gov. Christie, better get it up front.

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