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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mmmmm... hash

The Huffy is being bought by AOL! Could it kill them both?

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AOL? The still around? If anything they just hooked their wagon to Huff. She will do OK.

AOL owns several of the hottest online properties out there, including TMZ and TechCrunch. (If neither of those names mean anything to you, you are >35! ;) ;)

O.K Jack, looks like you and the Dingleberry Gazette may be AOL's next take over!!
Question is Jack........Will you be able to handle the wealth and fame?

An incredible match! Today's AOL subscribers (about half its revenue) are grandparents in the attic.

We all know in our hearts that Arianna is a supreme capitalist, congrats to her for cashing out at the top.

Since it started, the HuffPo reminded me far too much of a slew of magazines and weekly newspapers for which I'd worked in the Nineties. No real business plan, no real strategy other than being "edgy", and all working under the delusion that someone would come along and buy them out. Most of these failed. Some were only bought out after the owner dropped the price. Some were sold only for the name, and the writers and editors who made it a valuable property were treated like so much used toilet paper. Still others spent years getting its writers and artists to work for free "because exposure is good", and promptly sold them up the river when a new buyer decided to move its own people into those spots.

Congratulations, Arianna. You won the publication lottery. As opposed to Tina Brown at "The Daily Beast", you'll probably make some actual money off the deal. As for your contributors, though, I sure hope they can pay their rent and utility bills with the "exposure" they already got, because they probably won't be getting any a year from now.

AOL owns several of the hottest online properties out there, including TMZ and TechCrunch.

Fitting, HuffPo is about the same level as TMZ. Maybe a rung lower, actually.

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