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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making the rounds

I finally saw the famed Irvington-Alameda coyote with my own eyes yesterday, as I was driving to work. At the corner of 14th and Stanton, and heading north. Perhaps he or she was just going to hang out with the cops at Starbucks.

Not a very imposing figure, but no doubt quite wiley. And not the only interesting wildlife along that stretch.

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You work?

I almost emailed you about a coyote I saw on Burnside and 47th.
It was just as surprised to see me at 4:30 AM as I was it.

It was really no more than a scruffy German Shepherd in appearance. But it was quite the shock to see. However, as my neighborhood is home to a few raccoons, possums, and various other fauna, and I figure the coyote is a check on the little buggers. Circle of life don't you know.

Especially with my compost loving neighbors and the critters the compost seems to attract. In fact, two of them fell victim to mice which chewed apart the wiring harnesses on two nice cars. I just hope the coyote has enough sense to stay hidden as much as possible. Not that I am a big fan of the beasts, I just admire the gumption of the coyote to stroll through the rarified airs of the Laurelhurst neighborhood.

I have seen a number of coyotes late night around Glenn Widing & Airport Way. Behind the Shari's and Shilo Inn is an area akin to an impromptu wildlife refuge, complete w/it's own BK. I'm waiting to see them in Mississippi area where we also have a diverse wildlife? population.

I've seen coyotes numerous times on NW Cornell and once in the SW area near April Hill park.

I saw one a few weeks ago up near Stanich's

Hear 'em most nights up here near Skyline & Germantown. See them rarely, but one did walk by about 80' away at Skyline cemetery in broad daylight - just yards above the Forest Heights ghetto.

Cats stay in at night or they don't come home.

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