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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kooky Wu's latest blurt

"When some guy gives me pills, I just take them. I don't ask what they are."

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Just a thought, do you think Wu puts on a songbird costume to tweet?

Denial is a key component to continuing the impairment/addiction.

And they think their reasoning is plausible and unique. ROTFLMAO If they only knew how often that tail is told to counselors.

Sounds like he has a long way to go as the vultures pick his hide for money and favors before he actually can bottom out and recover.

"Denial is a key component"

You should read the apologists over a BlueOreogn who think the O is setting him up and that there is really no long-term issue with Wu's behavior - If you want a laugh.

The stuff people do for party loyalty.

BTW - Does Kitz get to appoint his replacement if he walks or a new election?

According to the US Constitution and state law, the governor of the state calls for a special election to replace the vacant House seat. The full election-cycle must be followed including political party nominating processes, primary elections and a general election, all held in the congressional district involved. The entire process often takes as long as from three to six months.

While a House seat is vacant, the office of the former representative remains open, its staff operating under the supervision of the Clerk of the House of Representatives. The people of the affected congressional district do not have voting representation in the House during the vacancy period. They can, however, continue to contact former representative's interim office for assistance with a limited range of services as listed below by the Clerk of the House.

I kept looking for the "like" button for Roy's comment.

Gotta be tough on his two children. Wonder how/why he got custody.

"Whoever does not love Muammar, does not deserve to live." (todays' Qadafi quote of the day from a castle rooftop in Tripoli)
(Spoken while wearing a Russian fur hat with earmuffs).

And whoever does not love Wu, does not deserve to hear any more of his ravings.

PS People better get on that list for the electric car...Iran just had an al-Qaeda cell blow up a major Iraqi refinery, and protests began in earnest today in that pedophile's oily paradise, Saudi Arabia.

...Iran just had an al-Qaeda cell blow up a major Iraqi refinery, and protests began in earnest today in that pedophile's oily paradise, Saudi Arabia.

JK: Looks like we are about to pay the price for our gutless politicians letting the enviros block drilling for oil.

Recent reports say we have enough domestic oil to avoid imports if we would just go get it. We certainly have enough coal & natural gas to make all the oil we need. Again the greens block construction of the conversion plants. (google sasol & Fischer–Tropsch)


Wu's defenders are getting exactly what they deserve: ignominy and shame for Oregon.

Party loyalty is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Wu, Adams, Goldschmidt, Wyden who doesn't live in Oregon and Portlandia to tell the world. What fine mess.

What if he were being set up? He coudn't object without being accused of denial.
Isn't it possible that it is, in fact, the party insiders who feel he is a threat to party loyalty?

I spoke with a politically astute acquaintance recently who said that is exactly what is happening, and that it seems unwise given that an immoderate Republican may end up with his seat.

Is it really so bizarre to dress up in a costume right before Halloween and to share photos with staffers? If so, I have worked for organizations that are on hundred percent bonkers-even had us dress in costume for the Ocotober staff meeting.

Jeff Mapes' story in The Sunday Oregonian tells us David Wu's erratic personal behavior has been going on for the last dozen years, which is why Oregon's 1st District representative appears to have little influence or respect among fellow lawmakers.

Question: The last 12 years? Why is The Oregonian just telling us now?

If Mr. Mapes is such a political insider (as his employer claims in promoting itself) he and his editors must have known this was happening, yet did little reporting on the subject. Why?

With any syndrome or disease process, one will frequently need an enabler. Thanks for showing up "Cynthia," you fit right in...

The whole costume issue is bizarre - not that he put it on - who cares, it was Halloween, right? And if it was just a Halloween costume, why would he be apologizing for it? Makes no sense. All that being said, it doesn't help that he looks hilarious in the Tigger get-up.

But the texts that followed... that Wu admits writing... that he wrote from the POV of his kids... Now THAT is frickin' weird. It's damn near certain he was wasted when he did that.

I watched his interview with Laurel Porter yesterday. I saw a man strongly in denial, that didn't even make an attempt to honestly answer any of the questions she posed. It was a sad, sad, sight.

Just my opinion, but there is no doubt in my mind that there is some sort of substance abuse problem there... who takes someone else's meds without question? Lies. He knew EXACTLY what they were.

We're waiting for him to ask "What's the frequency Kenneth?"

Taken by itself, the Halloween costume stunt was perhaps a little stupid for a political figure to do, but not a red flag of mental illness.

What gets me is that people are blaming his staffers for covering up until after the election and newspapers are calling for his resignation. Why didn't more people blame Sam's staffers, and why didn't more newspapers call for Sam's resignation?

I thought he pretty much said he was mentally ill in the interview. "It's not like I have my finger on the button," I think he said, justifying why he should be left alone. What a total nutjob. It ain't just drugs now, the drugs rotted out his brain, to put it in technical terms. I voted for Daffy Duck.

Anybody taking bets on who lasts longer, David Wu or The Oregonian?

"Why didn't more people blame Sam's staffers, and why didn't more newspapers call for Sam's resignation?"

Are you serious?

You really don't know?

Think about it...

David Wu apparently was over stressed and has handled it poorly. He admits that he took two ocycontin tablets. He dressed up in his Halloween costume and sent some stupid e-mails. He became angry and defensive. Well at least he didn't invade any countries and committ our troops to the endless slog through Iraq and Afganistan. He didn't use his office to dole out patronage and take bribes. He did make himself look silly. He is now obviously embarassed and looking for a way to make this all go away. I agree that he has not been a very effective Congressman, but we elected him repeatedly. I do have to wonder about the Vendetta pursued by the Oregonian on the front page. Who is behind this?

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