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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Judy's tip jar

Multnomah County commissioner Judy Shiprack -- whose ability to burn public money for personal benefit is already the stuff of legend -- had the county government pay her state bar dues.

Two years in a row.

Now that WW has called her out on it, she's paying it back. Not because it was wrong, but because "these are hard times."

Voters should pay Shiprack back when she's up for re-election next year. Maybe Merritt Paulson or Randy Leonard will give her a job.

Comments (8)

One has to give credit to the WW for shining a light on subject the O is afraid to (or instructed not to).
I noticed they mentioned the Leonhardt article in the Register-Guard as well.

If a Multnomah County Commissioner can't pad her expense account, who can?

It's not like she got in any trouble for defaulting on her PDC loan.

I didn't know that Shiprack is doing any legal work for Multnomah Co. to enable her to charge us for her bar license.

Next time I speak before the Commission using my professional licensing I'll send my licensing bill to the county, maybe even my professional insurance bill.

"Shipwreck" Shiprack. Good things Babs Roberts will edge out Mr. Shipwreck for the metro seat.

Perks of public office - shift to the public all personal expenses. Might be different if her status as a licensed attorney was a job requirement.

The mean girls are gone, but their common sense spirit lives on.

I fail to see how an active license to practice law is in any way relevant to carrying out one's job duties as a county commissioner. This lady has struck me from the beginning as being "off" in her ethical compass. Scary, really.

Everyone around here in government seems to be "off" in their ethical compass. That's why I can't shake the feeling something peculiar is going on. Either that or our form of governing has become truly worthless.

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