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Monday, February 28, 2011

It looks real

OMG -- somebody please tell me this is a joke.

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Shouldn't it be a vulture rather than a falcon on the reverse side?

Al--I love the comparison to the vulture---as the vulture is bald to protect against whatever disease and pathogens they have been feeding upon. Paulson's image certainly fits this criteria. In trying to verify this; the wikipedia citation further added: "Vultures urinate straight down their legs; the uric acid kills bacteria accumulated from walking through carcasses, and also acts as evaporative cooling."

Throwing good bronze on evil karma.

Whats this coin for? Heads--I take all of your money and resources. Tails--all of your money and resources are mine.

Thankfully he is only featured on bronze, and not gold! Too bad not on recycled tin more like 42 cents.

I added one to my Wishlist.

So did he come in third?

The real F-bomb that was dropped on the Oscars last night was the "Fraud" word. That one referred to these Wall Street weasels selling security swaps as triple A that were not. That's where the crime came in. If a gas station deliberately sold you dirty water as premium gas that would be a crime too. That gas station owner would be in real trouble even if it was just a tank of gas. Wall Street brokers in Henry Paulson's era tanked the United States of America, but they go free.
I am past hoping that justice will be served in this matter. That can't happen in a country that has been taken over by the banking elite. They get to roam the country congratulating each other while the rest of America begins the long painful process of coming to grips with the magnitude of the crimes. You see it in Wisconsin - you see it everywhere. You hear it in the desperate denials from FOX Business News where the story line is that the crisis was a result of recklessness and greed, but certainly not anything as criminal-sounding as fraud.
The commemorative coins are cast and the toys of the looting of America are unwrapped. Some are mansions - some are soccer teams.

Meanwhile, the only possible feeling of satisfaction and relief that can be drawn from this entire mess, is that we know. We know what happened and it is becoming common knowledge in the world.
That's something. Having these culprits exposed for their deeds is a bit of a surprise really. The People are going off script here. We're supposed to buy the story and buy the new coins. Spin is the coin of the realm. Instead we know the truth. It sneaks out in articles like Matt Taibbi's "Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail?" The wretched empty eyes on this coin look out and seem to ask the same thing: "Why Isn't Henry Paulson, Jr. In Jail?"

The truth even sneaks out from the lips of Bernie Madoff who called the new financial regulations - designed to reform Wall Street - "a joke." The information is there - the books and movies are available if you want to look. Word is getting out. The F-bomb was even dropped last night during the Oscars and the word was "Fraud."

So...how long before Mayor Creepy decrees one commissioned, out of sustainable brass, for Little Lord Paulson?

Good Write, Bill. I imagine the mainstream media is carrying on about the supporting actress who received the award and used the F word in her speech...but not much said about the "fraud" by the producer Charles Ferguson of the "Inside Job" documentary that received an Oscar award.

His speech lamented the lack of accountability three years later.
"Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by financial fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that's wrong," Ferguson said.

"Inside Job" director Charles Ferguson subjected Wall Street players, economists and bureaucrats to a fierce cross-examination to depict the economic crisis as a colossal crime perpetrated on the working-class masses by a greedy few.
His film examined the financial crisis of 2008.

Above excerpts from:

Oh, I can think of some uses for this coin. Glue it in a urinal for instance.

See your mising it, that's how Paulsen fils is going to pay CoP for the work on the Timber park. Hank will get a govt loan to swap some cheap GM stock for these things. Next, he'll tell Geithner there is an emergency, he'll enact QE36 and Congress will rubber stamp another $1B into GM to keep the union jobs alive. Since the GM stock will be collateral for the Paulson ducats, suddenly Randy Leonard will think the 30 pieces of silver known as Paulsen eagles are now worth $300M. He can then use them to reduce the bills on the new neon-lit river boats which he bought from PDC who paid property taxes to buy them. PDC can then use the Paulsen money to fill potholes in SoWa and call it good.

You just need to understand govt economics to see how these work. You're all too dumb aren't you?

Texas rancher: I'm glad you're here, if I can ask for an eye-witness account in the area "south of Pecos along Highway 17" -- Have you seen additional drilling rigs popping up lately in West Texas?

[Sorry to be on an off-topic tangent. Here's the cause: WayneMadsenReport.com/articles/20110224
(subscription req'd).

February 24, 2011 -- Renewed "chatter" about a possible U.S. military attack on Iran WMR's sources in the national security establishment are reporting on "chatter" that they are hearing about a possible U.S. military attack on Iran in the autumn, with October or November the likely months.

Although such chatter about U.S. military action against Iran has been heard before, the current talk comes amid two significant developments.


Second, WMR has been informed that U.S. oil companies are drilling 1200 new oil wells in west Texas to raise U.S. domestic oil production. The companies have been told by the government that they have a 12 to 18-month window to drill new wells and a 24-month window to achieve maximum oil production. In the event of a U.S .military attack on Iran, oil exports from the Persian Gulf would be severely impacted.

WMR has been told that oil storage containers are currently being built in west Texas to hold the oil extracted from the new wells. Within the last three months, a number of oil exploration and support services personnel have arrived in towns all over west Texas. More significantly, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) personnel have also arrived in west Texas in support of the oil drilling operations.

The WMR website has a comment section, in which one player purportedly in Austin, offers the following purported observations:
I'm a bit taken aback that I didn't connect the dots before Wayne's connections provided the picture. I live in West Texas (but I consider Austin my home). I can confirm that dozens of drilling rigs have sprung up around me south of Pecos along Highway 17.
I've been concerned about flares that have begun to spring up as well. ... I've never seen any out here and I don't know what waste gases or liquids they are burning off.

A photo is included purportedly from the purported Austin observer, purportedly taken Feb. 11, 2011, along Highway 17 purportedly. (The WMR website is rife with CIA and NSA 'agents' on active disinformation duty -- that's why I say 'purported' so many times; any info on the site can be true or false or both. And why I ask, Texas Triffid rancher, for any corroboration you might provide.) I offer the photo in a separate comment because I can't scale it down, and its oversize is disruptive, and it shows a 'waste' flare burning off, and Jack can choose to delete it easier if it is a separate comment. Or something.]

Texas Triffid Ranch:So...how long before Mayor Creepy decrees one commissioned, out of sustainable brass, for Little Lord Paulson?

Shhh...might give Leonard the idea to have a coin made of himself as the great Water Commissioner!!

"You just need to understand govt economics to see ...."

Thanks, Steve. I was staring at the t & a and foultalkers so diligently last night, and recently, that I totally didn't see or think about the price of gasoline after The Terrifying War is Over or the price of tea in China after ceded 'eminent domain' (over USA) provides them (China's managers) with redeployment of agricultural resources ... hey, does tea even grow in the latitudes of USA?

Excellent. I shall display it next to my Paul(The Irag war will cost 80 billion and pay for itself) Wolfowitz plug nickel.

Clinamen, I figure we should let Leonard make his own coin, and I can even recommend the casting material. Let's just say that it's something that can't be polished.

Shouldn't it cost $700,000,000,000?

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