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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got yours yet?

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Nice photoshop....

I might see you at the coronation of the new king of Lewis and Clark in April though. I do have an invite for that.

Why have you been requested to come alone?

No, and I most likely won't since I have been too critical a writer on your blog. I am surprised you got one Jack, surely you will write a critique.

Will you be wearing a spiffy bow tie?

I'm family on my paternal grandmother's side, so I was expecting an invitation. You can imagine my surprise to discover that ER herself cut me off the list. That'll teach me to sing songs about the Queen at state functions: "We mean it, maaaaaaan!"

Why have you been requested to come alone?

The Mrs. has been banned from the abbey.

I invited Liz and Phil to my wedding and not only did they not show, they didn't even send a gift.

Had to turn this down because of that.

Better chance I'll be invited to al-Gaddafi's retirement bash.

Be sure to bring me a piece of cake!

Try to word your RSVP regrets in such a way that your absence is framed as a personal matter, perhaps as a hardship or conflict, and do NOT no no no hint about your trepedations for the day itself, April 29, '11, totally a disaster in astrological terms.

The Brits used to have exemplary world-class stargazers (William Lilly, Isaac Newton), at the beckoning call in service to the Crown. How awfully the planet professors have failed. Let alone that the scheduled day subverts this marriage, the two participants are mutually self-annihilating: One born at an eclipse of the Sun on the opposite day of the year when the other was born on an eclipse of the Moon.

The Prince should NOT merely watch "The King's Speech" -- he should recite it, and soon. Andrew: Abdicate. It's not too late. For the love of odd, man.

(shhhh, Jack, protocol demands silence. pip, pip, stiff upper lip at staying out, discretion being the better part of valor and all that.)

Brown's Hotel is nice but I prefer the quieter Cadogen when in London.

The Mrs. has been banned from the abbey.

I'd like to say a word in her behalf.

John Fairplay, the ban may be beneficial to Mr Bog's spouse. Remember that meeting British royalty did not work out well for Pocahontas.

Contemporary US residents know so little about GB, relying as heavily as they do upon the ventilations of the BBC, the blatant propaganda arm of whatever British government happens to be in power. Information about goings-on among the royals is especially circumscribed.

I doubt I'd attend. Mainly because the Brits talk funny, the pomp and pagentry go on way to long, and (the American Peso being what it is against the Pound Sterling) I couldn't afford it in any event. But the invite is pretty cool and it goes to show they have the linage up to date.

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