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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I can't wait

Vin Scully calling Dodger games on my car radio. It's been 34 years since I had that privilege.

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The best $10 I spent the last two years was buying the iPhone MLB app, turning the thing into an expensive AM radio. Well worth it to hear Vin Scully on summer afternoons. Hopefully we'll hear enough games this summer to avoid buying it in 2011.

This is great! To be able to hear one of the great voices in baseball is something to look (hear?) forward to. (BTW, nothing strange in the phrase 'World champion San Francisco Giants'!

The best part of my Dodger experience was Scully's voice. Fernando mania is a close second.

Hold on there, Dodger fans...

As someone who has listened to Dodgers games on Sirius XM the last several years, I can tell you Scully does radio only on home games, only the first three innings and works alone. Not that he needs a color commentator, who would likely only get in the way.

Scully mostly does TV now, so you need to get MLB Extra Innings on your cable or satellite system to get the Full Scully.

But I agree, some is better than none.

Scully is fantastic and can't wait to visit home and tune in. But I'm lucky being able to pick up SF Giants games where I live and those games are called by the equally fantastic Hall-of-Fame broadcaster John Miller.

Forgot to mention that Giants fans DESPISE the Dodgers. And the feeling is, of course, mutual. They brought the WS Trophy to Ft Bragg last night and about
1-thousand fanatic Giant fans with their hats/tee-shirts, etc came to get their pics taken with the trophy. Fun event, especially for the kids. Teenage girls seem to be in love with Buster posey...hahahaha

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