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Sunday, February 13, 2011

His oats got too wild

The CEO of the Year is in a heap of trouble. We suspect there will be few tears shed for him in Portland.

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Recently Planned Parenthood got caught in some sort of sting by an anti-abortion group. PP was, evidently, willing to aid those trafficking illegal immigrant minors for sex. Or, at least a couple of its franchises were.

Struck me as odd that it was sort of passed over. Pretty heinous really, no matter how you slice it.

"LL" you may want to do some research of your off topic observation.

You know, he does have some resemblance to you-know-who.

Planned Parenthood is this year's target for the Sarah Palin types. You'll be hearing a lot about them in the weeks and months ahead, mostly from wingnuts.

Have done my research, which is why I note it.

Planned Parenthood criticism in the near future will be from wing nut Sarah Palin types?

Guess I did expand the topic from one guy attempting to molest a child to an entity whose ideology resulted in a blithe mis-step with ugly aspects.

John Rettig, I was thinking the same thing.

And of course, if it was an underage boy...

Do they even do stings on the man boy stuff or is that not "PC?"

Of course if you mess with 17 year olds in New Jersey (or even 16 year olds (as that is the legal age of consent in NJ), it's not an issue.... Just ask Mark Sanchez



This guy had great potential; let's start him off as the next "mayor" of Portland!

Oh, LL. If you're gonna go off-topic, at least do so with all of the facts.

From the article: "Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider in the United States, has notified the FBI that at least 12 of its health centers were visited recently by a man alleging to be a sex trafficker, but who may be involved in a ploy to trap clinic workers."

So explain to me how PP is "willing to aid those trafficking illegal immigrant minors for sex" while reporting it to the FBI?

Calm down son, calm down. PP fired at least one worker and repremanded a couple of others in relation to this incident, so clearly they were doing something wrong even in their own eyes.

This food store fellow might just use a pimp to such as the faux one who presented himself to PP.

Like the Catholic Church, it is just possible that Planned Parenthood has the occaisional bad actor - I know that this sounds impossible, but it could be true.

I cannot explain why some people at PP aided the FBI while others co-operated with the faux pimp.

I've payed for a couple scrapes myself and have nothing against the practice.

I've payed for a couple scrapes myself and have nothing against the practice.

Crude, but if you're going to go there, I'd point out that not everyone who utilizes -or at least pays for - this medical service necessarily supports the practice of it.

Personally I'm a lot less concerned about a couple of inadequately trained Planned Parenthood workers than I am about the growing, well-funded network of fraudulent "pregnancy resource centers" that provide no actual health care and exist solely to coerce young, unwary women into carrying an unwanted child to term by lying to them and emotionally bullying them. Now there's a real scandal for you.

You're right, as an evil, young women having babies trumps arranging for pimps to conceal pedophilic rapes while maintaining the pimps in their lifestyle and the children in bondage. What was I thinking?

Oops, it appears that I fed a troll. Sorry, everyone.

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