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Monday, February 28, 2011

Guys after my own heart

"Did he write stories that I believed were unfair?" former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo asked in an interview. "From time to time, and I told him so. But he was also valuable and admirable. You weren’t going to frighten him or bargain him out of a story."... "I respect authority almost too much, I think," he said — another statement sure to raise eyebrows. "I’m not an angry guy. There’s just a lot to be outraged about."...

"When I run out of fights to have, I’ll stop fighting," he told me. Until then, you will find him out on the town-hall circuit, play-acting, berating and emoting his way toward some kind of public reckoning, leaving nothing unsaid.

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Well, Barrett doesn't surprise me but...

...get ready.

I wonder how deeply he looked into Teddy.


It's as if you hadn't posted this...

I guess I misjudged the "stunned" factor.

It is to laugh....

City of Portland employees pay zero in to retirement and 5% of health care.

Republicans split House in 2010, take the Senate in 2012.

Do you here that sound in the distance? It's the train coming down the tracks.

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