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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Greetings from 1960

In our office cleanup today, we moved a few storage boxes and found this on the rug, face down, at the bottom of the stack:

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Face down on the rug? Must have been some party.

Sure does look like a happy kid. A spiffy bow tie too!

Lucky then. Lucky now.

Quite the good looking boy!

Randy and Creepy will put that on their dartboard.

A true TrailBlazer wearing a bow tie.

The bowtie gives you away, Jack: a muckraker from the word GO.

A little dab will do ya. Future Pdx blogger---wait, what the hecks a blogger?

Are you sure you aren't Earl's distant cousin? ;-P

As my little nephew about that age is wont to say in times like these:

Not even remotely dorky!

Do you remember the moment in which this image was made? More specifically, do you recall what you were thinking at the time? Do you retain any memory of being the young man depicted in this photograph?

Looks like the kid in our school at that age who put a bullet in the furnace . . .

No. Wait. I got him confused with the animal torturer.

Funny Jack, that's exactly the way I remember you.Must have been 5th grade Sr. Michael Charles

A little dab will do ya.

Butch Wax in the giant lipstick tube, maybe?

What me worry?
Look at the front tooth gap.
The Curmudgeon

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